Swedish Royals Visit Vatican

Queen Silvia, Princess Madeleine, Princess Leonore and Christopher O’Neill attended an audience with Pope Francis today at the Vatican. As per tradition, the royal women wore black lace veils for the visit.

Swedish Royal Family, April 27, 2015 | Royal Hats

9 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Visit Vatican

  1. These really are enchanting photos aren’t they. Yes we are seeing a Royal Family, but at the heart of it all what we are seeing is relationships – in this case a grandmother naturally, lovingly and endearingly enjoying/educating her granddaughter. This must be so important for members of a royal family, in order that they can live rounded, relevant lives and genuinely relate to the people/society that they represent. No mean feat I would imagine given that the worlds they live in are so very different to those of everyday people. I may be reading a bit much into it, but given that Queen Silvia is herself of (part) South American heritage, it may explain the apparent warmth she and The Pope seem to share. Just a thought. Thanks, lovely photos.

  2. The royal ladies look amazing in their black lace veils. Their jewels aren’t too shabby either. Princess Leonore looks cute, but I wish they’d put her in one of her little hair bows. The Pope and Princess Leonore look like they are getting along like a house on fire.

  3. The pictures are lovely. The royal ladies look beautiful, and the Queen is clearly enjoying the time with her granddaughter. It looks as though all of them enjoyed the visit with the Pope.

  4. The Swedish Royal Ladies look fabulous – black and lace with pearls – you can’t go wrong! Not long to go til there is 1 more addition to this family. Wish CP Victoria and Daniel would have another baby – they have the Heir, they need the ‘spare’!

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