King’s Day in The Netherlands

While a great national party of flea markets, concerts, and community-based festivities took place all around The Netherlands today, members of the Dutch Royal Family celebrated the Koningsdag (King’s Day) national holiday together in Dordrecht. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima enjoyed the day with their three daughters, Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Arianne.

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Embed from Getty Images

Queen Máxima unveiled a new hat for today’s celebration. In vibrant pink parabuntal straw, the large brimmed picture hat featured a sharply upfolded ‘slice’ brim and was trimmed simply with a darker raspberry ribbon around the crown. This hat shape has become a staple for Máxima for good reason- it looks wonderful on her. The raised brim removes the facial-obstruction that usually occurs with large brimmed hats and the dramatic shape lends a sense of drama that Máxima carries so well. Today’s all pink ensemble is a daring choice but the darker shade of pink on the hat, gloves, and shoes gives enough contrast to make the outfit work. Máxima wears vibrant colour better than most and today’s ensemble hit a perfect note for the celebratory nature of today’s events.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

My only qualm about the hat were the giant hatpins used to secure it. Not only do they look like royal weapons, they interrupt the beautifully smooth curves of this hat.  

Queen Máxima, April 27 in Fabienne Delvgine | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

I adore Koningsdag because the Dutch royals always look like they are having immense fun. What did you think of Queen Máxima’s hat today? Has it erased your memory of the one she wore over the weekend, as it thankfully did for me?

Photos from  Getty as indicated; Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis

27 thoughts on “King’s Day in The Netherlands

  1. What a magnificent hat – surely a candidate for year’s best for me. I love everything about it, including the hat pins!

  2. PLEASE excuse my ignorance . . . is the hat pin stuck into something else besides her hair?
    I would think that a high wind would set that topper sailing in the breeze!

    • As far as I know, hat pins are stuck through hair. Unless the hair comes off, the hat stays on!

      Can anyone with more experience of hat pins help out here?

  3. Maxima wins us all back yet again! A great color combo here and another great hat in one of my favorite shapes! I love how exquisite her leather gloves look in the photo Jelsta provided. I will agree these hat pins seem rather haphazard, especially since there are two of them.

    Also nice to see all three princesses out, and that they weren’t all dressed alike for once! Sad none of the other Dutch royals decided to join Max in the hattery stakes. C’est la vie . . .

  4. I love these sharply upfolded ‘slice’ brims, and this is a good one. I love the vibrant pink colour. I think it coordinates well with her outfit. My only complaints are the giant hat pins, the cheap-looking darker raspberry ribbon around the crown, and the big earrings. The entire family look great and seem to be enjoying the celebrations. When Queen Maxima gets it right she looks wonderful. I wish she would dispense with those brain and bandage hats.

  5. Having seen the festivities on tv, I presume she wore those extra long hairpins as they arrived by boat to the festivities and were sitting on a stand watching the boat parade as the 1st leg of their visit. And it seemed to be very windy.

    Greetings from Aruba HatQueen. I am on your site daily looking at your wonderful posts.

    • I think you’re right, Edmar- the Dutch Royal Family arrived by boat and from photos, it did look very, very windy. I just wish the hat pins looked neater.

      Welcome to the blog! It’s so lovely to have you join in the conversation.

  6. I actively dislike pink….but I love this outfit, head to toe (but whoever used those hatpins ought to get a good tongue lashing). Maxima looks spectacular in her slice hats! The whole family looks terrific!

  7. I love her whole look. Such a small quibble on the pointy ends of her hat pins, that I give her an A. I have never really understood hat pins anyway and would love to learn more. If they don’t stick back out of the hat, aren’t you in danger of being stuck in the head by the point? Do some ladies put little corks or something on the ends? I’ve seen decades of beautiful and fanciful hat pins, but the practicality eludes me

  8. Nice shades of pink on Max but oh, I so agree on those hat pins! I would hate to get too close to those. Odd they were not smaller and more hidden into the trim on the hat.

  9. As well as hat pins yet again it’s attack of the cheap.looking earrings that let this otherwise fabulous look down. I see she removed them later on. Still love her tho! And her not unattractive husband!

  10. Yes that hat – and her whole look is quite fabulous. It’s a lot of pink, but somehow max can make it work. Totally agree about those hatpins though, they just look dangerous. QEII needs to give our Max a hatpin lesson.

    Do I predict a twin hat feature on all these slice hats?!

  11. Maxima can carry off this type of big hat very well, and it is one that suits her exuberance beautifully. I’m a bit disappointed with the finish of the ribbon bow – just looks a bit messy. And I guess Maxima must be seeing the hat pins as a bit of a statement – perhaps extra embellishment to what is really quite a plain hat. After all, matching hat pins aren’t something one could just magic up at the last minute, and if the aim were simply to secure the hat, elastic disguised under the bun would have been just as effective. Actually, I think they do succeed in adding interest, although I must say my first thought was that she’ll always have to wear pins with this hat, and put them through the same holes, as you can always see the damage on straw!

      • Love this whole outfit and agree with you all about the hatpins – she wouldn’t be able to board a plane in Australia with those! After the total hat disaster of a couple of days ago (the ‘brain’ hat), this one is a winner. I have never seen a person do so many hits and misses as this lady where fashion is concerned – sometimes she looks fabulous, sometimes she looks a total mess – she doesn’t have a twin, does she?

      • Thank you, ImK for pointing out the moment. I was so distracted by shiny, pointy things I missed the best part of the photo

  12. Queen Maxima looks wonderful! I love her in bright colours, and I love how much fun everyone looks they are having!

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