British Royal Wedding Four Years On

2011-04-29 William and Catherine

It has been great fun to celebrate the fourth wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and the birth of their new daughter!) this week. Here is a look back at the magnificent hats worn at their wedding:

The Bride

The Immediate Families
Queen Elizabeth, The Duchess of Cornwall, Carole Middleton

The British Royal Family
Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Countess of Wessex, The Princess Royal, Zara Phillips, Autumn Phillips

The Extended British Royal Family
Viscountess Linley, Lady Sarah Chatto, Duchess of Gloucester, Countess of Ulster, Lady Davina Lews, Lady Rose Gilman 
Duchess of Kent, Countess of St. Andrews, Lady Marina Windsor, Lady Amelia Windsor, Lady Helen Taylor, Lady Nicholas Windsor, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Princess Michael if Kent, Lady Frederick Windsor, Lady Gabriella Windsor

Guests from Reigning Royal Houses of Europe
Queen Sonja, Queen Margrethe, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Queen Sofia,
The Princess of Asturias, Princess Maxima, Princess Mathilde, Crown Princess Victoria, Charlene Wittstock

Guests from Reining Royal Houses Outside Europe
The Raja Isteri of Brunei, Queen Tuanku Nur Zahirah of Malaysia, Queen of Swaziland,
Princess Mabereng of Lesotho, Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia

Guests from Non Reigning Royal Houses
Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Queen Margarita of Bulgaria,
Crown Princess Margarita of Romania, Princess Katherine of Serbia

10 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding Four Years On

  1. HatQueen has done a stellar job taking us on this trip down memory lane. I didn’t like Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and I was disappointed that it wasn’t original, had a short train, was worn with a short veil, and a small tiara, and a small bouquet, and her hair hung down limply. Prince’s William and Harry looked handsome. I didn’t like Pippa’s dress. It looked a bit like a nightie to me. The best hat and coat was worn by Charlene of Monaco. Princess Ameerah and Princess Marie-Chantal, were close runners up. The worst hat by far was Princess Beatrice’s hat which looked something like it was inspired by the uterus and Fallopian tubes. Prince Eugenie’s little sail boat hat was a close runner up and her outfit was very ill-fitting.

  2. Thanks so much HatQueen for this retrospective. There were some beautiful hats and some hideous ones too, like Princess Beatrice’s hat. There were many hats I hadn’t noticed first time round.

  3. The week of “four years on” posts has been a treat. There were pictures I have never seen before. Thank you ver much for the retrospective.

  4. HQ, you rock! Loved the retrospective. How in the world did you time it so perfectly with the birth of the new princess?

  5. loved the posts the hats were fab. Excuse me but can you explain what ‘non reigning royal house’ is. thanks.

    • A number of European monarchies have been abolished over the past 60 years (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia to name a few). When the monarchies end, the kings, queens, crown princes etc. retain their titles. These people maintain close relationships with other royals and often attend these large royal events.

  6. What a great job you have done. It has been such fun to look back at these hats and also see many I missed the first time around! Well done and an immense thank you.

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