Danish Royal Couple Kick Off Summer Sails

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik braved rainy weather yesterday and travelled from Copenhagen to Helsingør on board the royal yacht Dannebrg. For the trip, Queen Margrethe repeated her nautical navy wool hat with white braided trim around the brim and crown. This hat is a good choice for a blustery cruise and worked well with Margrethe’s brightly patterned rain coat. The only thing  would have liked was a closer view of the perplexing side decoration on the hat. We’ll have to wait for another outing to make sense of that.

Queen Margrethe, May 5, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: April 26, 2014

Photo from Keld Navntoft/Scanpix via The Danish Monarchy

7 thoughts on “Danish Royal Couple Kick Off Summer Sails

  1. I am not crazy about this hat or the raincoat, but I usually never like her daywear. Her evening wear and jewels are a different story. She makes a much bigger effort with her evening clothes, and designs some of them herself.

  2. The trim on the cheerful queen’s hat appears to be of a nautical rope(?); perhaps to tie under her chin if needed?

  3. I like this hat. The Queen looks good in blue and brimmed hats are her best look I think. The coat is rather gaudy. She has a great personality and can even smile in the blustery wind and rain, and that takes some doing.

  4. Well, we all had been complaining about hear wearing mono-chromatic looks recently with that all electric blue and I think she had an all pink look this past week or so too – this one certainly is not monochromatic!

  5. That raincoat is a walk on the wild side, but somehow the hat manages to bring it down a notch. This is one of the few hats she has that I don’t dislike. That aside, she shows up to have a good time, and from the pictures, I think she does. She makes a very interesting and delightful queen. Like Princess Anne, she likes to be comfortable and I think she is. She always appears relaxed and happy, and she has a winning smile.

  6. I think she has a slogan..let’s have fun…I have never seen her without a smile…she just does not care about haute anything…she is down to earth…my guess.

  7. Considering it is a Queen Margrethe hat, I find it hard to complain too much. It does the job but there are plenty of hats like this around. That raincoat sure is loud!

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