Imperial Royals Support Red Cross

The Japanese Red Cross Society’s annual convention took place in Tokyo yesterday. The event was attended by Empress Michiko (Honorary President),  Princess Kiko, Princess Hanako, Princess Nobuko and Princess Hisako (all Honorary Vice Presidents). Empress Michiko used the occasion to bring out a new white saucer hat trimmed with white flowers and grey leaves.

Empress Michiko, May 13, 2015 | Royal Hats2015-05-13 Red cross

Princess Kiko wore a white silk rounded pillbox (it looks to be this one) and Princess Hanako repeated her smart ecru  hat with square crown and linear, upturned brim. Princess Nobuko wore a white pillbox with navy crown and side flower trim while Princess Hisako topped her elegant blue suit with a small hat in the same shade that looks to be sporting a stylish, Trilby-esque brim. In 2015 we have seen the Imperial royal ladies step out in some in some more interesting hats than we have seen in years past and I’m so pleased to see this trend continue.

Photos from Yomiuri and Getty as indicated

5 thoughts on “Imperial Royals Support Red Cross

  1. The Empress is always exquisitely dressed, but I am not a fan of her hats – they look like decorated paper plates to me.

  2. The attention to detail on the Japanese outfits is remarkable: not only do the Empress’s hats always match the colors in the jackets exactly, but the lining of the sleeves in this jacket also show the second color. Empress Michiko seems to be devoted to these asymmetrical, one-label jackets. I wonder if there’s a cultural significance of if this is just her personal preference.
    I continue to be intrigued that the Empress always appears to wear one pair of shoes (greenish-gray with black) with everything. I wish I understood the thought process behind of many royal decisions!

    • Snug Harbor, I agree with you in trying to understand either the thought process or maybe the tradition, if that even applies. We may never know.

  3. The Empress’s new hat looks cute on her, and her suit is chic. She has dressed pretty true to her usual style. I like all of the Princess’s hats and outfits. It’s good to see them venture into some new looks. Princess Hisako’s hat is my favorite on account of its shape and color, and it’s the one I would chose for myself.

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