Danish Royals Mark Constitution’s Centenary

The Danish Royal Family gathered at Parliament today to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Danish Constitution which gave women the right to vote. Queen Margrethe, who delivered a speech marking this event, repeated her mint green bumper hat and coordinating suit. Today’s photos give us the best view we have seen so far of the left side of the hat where the bumper brim splits and swirls into a gentle curve on the hat’s crown. This interesting detail makes me like this hat even more.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 23, 2014April 16, 2015
Crown Princess Mary repeated her pale grey fascinator made of silk flowers, multiple types of feathers and net veil. This delicate piece looks wonderful on Mary- it is such a beautiful contrast against her dark hair and her classic chignon shows it off to perfection. Where the ensemble falls short, in my humble opinion, is in this headpiece’s pairing with this dress. While contrast is a great thing in fashion, I think the very modern mustardy gold and silver print on the dress would be better balanced and complimented with a stronger, more substantial hat.
Designer: unknown. Dress by Ole Yde. 
Previously Worn: June 25, 2013; April 30, 2013
Princess Marie repeated the navy blue felt calot hat she first wore for Queen Margrethe’s birthday celebrations in April. For this outing, she changed the hat’s placement, wearing it firmly on the top of her head. While I prefer the off-the face placement we saw last time (where the flat bow trim on the side of the hat beautifully framed her face), I am so pleased to see Marie experimenting with different ways to wear this piece. It was beautifully paired today with her cream jacket, navy printed dress and bold brooch.
Designer: Whiteley
Previously Worn: April 8, 2015

Princess Benedikte was a vision in pink, repeating her raspberry straw wide-brimmed picture hat with a narrow band around the crown. Paired with her pale pink rolled collar coat, the ensemble was so summery and fresh.

Princess Benedikte, June 5, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Benedikte, June 5, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: I suspect Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: September 8, 2013; August 3, 2013April 24, 2013
Princess Benedikte, June 5, 2015 | Royal Hats
It is always wonderful to see the Danish Royal Family together at such celebrations and the hats today did not disappoint. Was there a particular piece that stood out to you in this quartet of royal hats?
Photos from Getty as indicated; Ole Jensen/Demotix, Ole Jensen/Demotix and Ole Jensen/Demotix via Corbis

12 thoughts on “Danish Royals Mark Constitution’s Centenary

  1. The most beautiful and most tasteful and most appropriate is Benedikte! She is a very attractive lady. Mary’s look is all wrong. It looks as though she just put her clothes on and didn’t care how she looked. She always seems to miss the mark…the fascinator is outdated and all wrong with the dress that makes her look well beyond her years…the sweater was just thrown on. Sorry, but she dresses far to old for her age. Marie could use some help putting her outfits together also. These two women are very pretty, but they dress way beyond their years and need a fashion coordinator to pull it all together for them.

  2. The Queen´s hat and suit is a total success and the winner of the day, but what was the prime minister thinking wearing dated raspberry velvet in may! Like others I think that Mary´s hat to coat pairing is off. A more structured coat would be better. I decidly do not like how princess Marie has placed her hat: it looks very dowdy and she could easily be so chik.

  3. Mary’s fascinator is so fussy and dumpy. It looks like something a “batty old lady” character would wear in a movie from the 40s. It just couldn’t get much more sad and tired-looking. Marie, however, looks stunning! And Benedikte is just so summery and lovely. The queen’s bumper hats are never the best, but the detail on this one is nice, and her smile is contagious.

  4. I think Princess Marie’s hat looks as though it is too big for her. She is a very petite woman and this hat looks too “heavy” for her.
    CP Mary has worn this hat with this dress before, but I MUCH preferred it’s outing on April 30 2013 at the Dutch Enthronement where it appears to have been worn at a different angle or the net folded back or something. Besides the fact she was wearing a dress that was TO DIE FOR, the hat appeared to have been customised for that particular dress and perfectly complimented the shades of blue/grey featured on it. They looked absolutely smashing together. Just my opinion. Thanks.

  5. Everybody brought their A game to this royal event! I love the hat/dress combo on Mary. Marie’s hat placement today is just as lovely on her as the last outing, which makes it a great hat in my book. I’d love to know if her brooch is real or faux. Benedicte’s pink is wonderful, she has such great taste. Daisy’s hat is a work of art.

  6. I think all the royals look very nice. I like the fascinator that Mary is wearing; it compliments the light blue background of her dress. Where I think Mary fell short of being wonderful was wearing the white coat. The white coat appears, to me, to take over the whole outfit. I enjoy seeing photos of Princess Marie; she appears to be enjoying herself in her royal role. But, I am not a fan on how she wore her hat today.

  7. Queen Margrethe looks great in this hat, and I’m so glad we got to see more of the details. A bit odd she repeated it so quickly, but I’ll let it pass since it’s such a great one. While I don’t dislike this fascinator on Mary, it seems too frou-frou for this event and I think a brimmed hat would’ve been much better (especially considering the sun). Since it looks like Marie cut her hair short, I think the placement of this hat works very well and I like it down for something quite different. My favorite though has to be Benedikte; she knows how to rock a hat and I love this one on her. The color is great, very practical for the weather, and it’s simple and elegant enough to not distract too much from what’s important.

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