Countess of Wessex Hosts Garden Party Marking Charity’s Centenary

The Countess of Wessex hosted a garden party at Buckingham Palace yesterday in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Blind Veterans UK. For this afternoon event, Sophie repeated the elaborate pale blue hat she first wore for the first day of Ascot last year. Described by the designer as “handstitched blue pearl cocktail hat with silk twists”, this beret-based piece is all about textural contrast. While the colour is lovely on Sophie and the pearl encrusted beret base is memorable, the placement of the silk bow twists is too haphazard and awkward for me to completely get behind this hat. The good news, however, is that with the Epsom Derby this weekend and the Garter Service and Ascot soon after, we will undoubtedly see Sophie in a number of new hats.

Designer: Jane Taylor. It looks to be a bespoke version of the “Nida” design
Previously Worn: June 17, 2014
Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “Countess of Wessex Hosts Garden Party Marking Charity’s Centenary

  1. I’m not wild about her dress. While it is a lovely color and texture, I don’t believe the length is flattering on her. For women “of a certain age” (that includes me), there is a difference between appropriate/modest and matronly. The length of this dress, almost mid-calf, brings the eye down, no matter the short jacket and tall hat, and makes her legs look disproportionally short. Not a good look. Hold your hand over the lower part of her dress in the photo and notice how a length just below her knees changes the whole outfit. Shorter in this case equals chrisp and chic.

    • You’re right about the dress length; it does look much crisper when chopped slightly below the knee. Nonetheless, I think the too-tall hat balances well with the too-long skirt. Although I like the color of the the whole outfit (appears much more vibrant today than at its initial wearing), both the hat and the dress are too tall to be appealing.

  2. I like the color, but a garden party is just begging for some kind of brim. Nothing big that will hide her face, but big enough so she doesn’t have to squint. The pearls on her hat plus clusters of pearls in her earrings and a pearl cluster brooch (which I think is lovely) is too much repetition. I like her dress. Is it a new thing that other members of the RF host solo garden parties? It would have been nice if even her husband would have come out to support her charity

  3. I’m not a fan of this hat although Sophie looks lovely. There is a lot of texture going on with this hat but besides that, the placement of the hat puts a shadow over part of her face that bothers me.

  4. I like it better this time than at Ascot; these photos demonstrate the color of this cocktail hat really well and I think it’s a great choice for Sophie. My only complaint is that it looks like half of the bow is missing, making it seem a bit unbalanced.

  5. I love Sophie, I love the color, her outfit is great, and she looks lovely. I hate the hat. I don’t like the pearl explosion or the bows. For me, this is a miss, and has been since the first time I saw it. She takes risks, for which I applaud her; many women start playing it safe when they get older, but Sophie doesn’t. Her confidence is wonderful, but she needs to lose the hat.

    • The pearl explosion, I like that…..but I too do not like this hat, especially because of the pearl explosion and that lopsided half bow, twist thing. I am also not liking the length of the skirt. I don’t feel it is very flattering but I do like the cut of the jacket and the overall colour and texture. Thanks.

  6. I get your point about the bow placement but this hat is still quite lovely. The beads are really cute and the whole outfit is incredibly well assembled. Good to see Sophie having a root around in her closet, and to be out of the beige that she so loves. I bet she’s got some corkers up her sleeve for Ascot, though she won’t be at TTC as she’ll be at the Swedish wedding that day – I think we’ll take that, she’ll be all tiarad up instead of hatted!

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