British Royals Enjoy Epsom Races

Members of the British Royal Family were spotted enjoying  Derby Day during the Investec Derby Festival at Epsom Racecourse today. Queen Elizabeth led the entourage in a hat which has not seen the light of day for nearly four years. With a sage green straw cloche base (the same base shape as other Kelly designs), this piece is distinctively enveloped in a wide band of yellow folded straw that extends down over the brim. Trimmed with green and bright pink feathers and a small yellow straw knot, the piece coordinates with the Queen’s printed dress. Coordination, however, is not always enough to make a succhessful ensemble and I am afraid that given the choice, I would put this bulbous hat and dowdy collarless coat into permanent retirement.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: July 12, 2011; May 18, 2011

Princess Alexandra cast an elegant figure in a turquoise tailored jacket and matching new hat. The straw hat featured a rounded crown (lower than the high crowns the Princess usually favours) and a gently upturned brim on one side. Trimmed with swirled feathers and a swath of net tulle, the hat is a beautiful proportion and colour on Alexandra. While this piece might look familiar, I believe it is new (although very similar to this hat in paler blue).

Designer: I believe it is Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Work: This hat is new

Princess Michael of Kent repeated her white picture hat trimmed with an oversize plume of frothy white ostrich feathers encircling the crown. I adore this hat- it makes such a luxurious and grand statement while remaining delicate, light and perfectly balanced. I suspect that only a master can make a hat look like it is floating on air.

Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: June 7, 2014
The British royals always look like they are having an immensely fun time at Epsom. What did you think of their hats today?
Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “British Royals Enjoy Epsom Races

  1. I agree with HatQueen, I would put this bulbous hat and dowdy collarless coat into permanent retirement too! This is one of the Queen’s worst hats and coats and dresses ever! Princess Alexandra looks so elegant in her hat and coat, and blue is her best colour for sure. Princess Michael can carry this huge hats well, and her whole outfit, including the coordinating eye patch, suits her very well. All their jewels are super!

  2. I agree that without her coat, the pink in Queen Elizabeth’s hat really pops. However the fit of the coat/dress combo is off. It seems to exaggerate the fact that as her majesty ages, she isn’t standing quite so upright. You can’t stop the clock on aging, so extra care should be taken in the clothing and hat departments. Princess Michael, like Queen Max, can carry theatrical hats. She looks smashing in it. Princess Alexandra has on such a happy, summer color that she wins all the prizes today. I love the brooches on Princess Michael and Princess Alexandra today also

  3. I didn’t mind the Queen’s bulbous hat with the unusual color combination, although I am surprised to see how the hat really doesn’t go all that well with just the dress: the yellow in the coat (and hat) is a much stronger shade than in the dress, When worn with just the dress, the hat, with its odd shape and color combination, borders on the ridiculous, I”m afraid, rather than on the coordinated. And the Queen’s coat is ill-fitting, as is its purple twin worn by the Queen with several different dresses. I agree: retire the whole outfit.
    Princess Michael’s coordinating hat and eye patch make for a smashing outfit, and Princess Alexandra looks perfect as always.

  4. Interestingly Her Majesty removed her coat whilst in the grandstand (maybe someone can provide a pic). It always throws a new dimension into the mix when she does this; how does the hat stand up when combined with the not oft seen dress.
    Princess Michael wins for me today. She looked really nicely put together…..and showing chutzpah to venture out in an eyepatch. Get well soon.

  5. The Queen’s hat shape isn’t my favourite, but actually I like the overall effect of the hat, coat and dress very much, partly, I’m sure, because I like the sunshiny yellow. I don’t see dowdy when I see the coat, and I think the coordination is well done. The only thing that mars it is that the dress neckline isn’t centred with the coat – it needs to be pinned in place inside so it stays in the right place.

    Princess Michael’s hat is the epitome of race-going hats, isn’t it? And Princess Alexandra’s is very elegant, and a lovely colour.

  6. I don’t mind HM’s rigout so much – the colour combo is quite unexpected but well thought out. I could do without the frills on the coat though – she doesn’t need the extra ‘cute’.

    At first I thought Alex had borrowed Lil’s outfit from last ladies day – but nope it’s different. V chic though. And MC is MC – Zsa Zsa fabulous!

  7. The color combo on this hat for HM has always perplexed me; I don’t think the olive and buttery yellow are a good match, and then the few pink feathers thrown in makes it looks even more bizarre. The shape is fine, except for that extra bit of dome on the top. Princess Alexandra wins the day with her overall perfection in this wonderful cerulean ensemble and hat. How I adore this hat on Princess Michael; only she could pull it off, and she does so very well. I’m not a fan of her neck bow (or whatever it’s called), but I’ll give it a pass since she’s still recovering from eye surgery and was able to match her eye patch again to her outfit. Sad to see the younger royals didn’t make it out to Epsom, but fun to see the Kents, who often aren’t in the spotlight.

  8. I like the Queen’s hat – the coat not so much. But the hat goes great with the dress as it picks up the spiky pink leaves from the print and there’s a playfulness to the combination that I find very charming.

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