9 thoughts on “Ascot Style Guide 2015

  1. One sartorial note about the video – the man in the video is wearing houndstooth checked pants with his morning coat. That is a look that is very rarely seen but so handsome. Usually a man wears gray striped pants, often called cashmere stripe. I have a pair of both if for no other reason than to give me some options. Also, major kudos to the producers of the video that they now show the man wearing an antique, silk top hat! Superb!

  2. I’ve watched this video so many times already in preparation for Ascot a.k.a. Hat Christmas. I still like 2013’s video best, but they’ve all been wonderful in their own way.

  3. That was very well done. The artwork was just beautiful. Hopefully race goers will abide by the guidelines

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