Queen Maxima Opens Children’s Hospital

Queen Máxima was in The Hague today to officially open the Juliana Children’s Hospital. For this event, she repeated her vivid orange folded straw headpiece and matching cotton day dress. Máxima looks fantastic in orange and the informality, lightness and sense of fun inherent in both these two pieces makes them work well together. I really like the placement of this headpiece off to one side (much better than the first time she wore it centred on her head) but wish that the metal headband securing it to her head was hidden in her hair. What perplexes me most, however, about this ensemble is the Carmen Miranda earrings. Each time she has worn this outfit, Máxima has paired it with a larger set of earrings. It’s a shame, really, as the headpiece is a fabulous statement piece which doesn’t benefit from such competition.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by NATAN
Previously Worn: November 15, 2013; September 2, 2013

Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Queen Maxima Opens Children’s Hospital

  1. Queen Máxima is one of the few people who can make bright orange look good. The brightness was just right for the occasion, to officially open the Juliana Children’s Hospital, because children tend to like bright colours. While I wasn’t too fond of this orange folded straw headpiece last time she wore it, the placement of this headpiece off to one side is good, but why didn’t her hairdresser cover that horrid metal headband? The huge Carmen Miranda earrings, are not only introducing another shade of orange, and therefore making the overall look too busy, they look more suited to evening wear than a daytime trek to a hospital.

  2. I’m looking closely, and I honestly think this is a different hat! The original one was darker…more brick color, and had more texture in the front. More folds that gave the hat volume. Am I crazy?

  3. I like this very much, interesting structure in itself, and wonderfully exuberant in the orange. And as you say, MUCH better off to the side rather than centred.

  4. I LOVE this dress. So simple, so feminine, gorgeous fabric, very flattering, amazing colour. Love love love. Hat, er not so much. Bit TOO much orange.

  5. I think the big earrings are a cultural thing as she is from South America. I love her in orange and while I don’t normally like crumpled napkins as hats I have to admit this looks good with the dress.

  6. I like this whole outfit, including the big earrings. The neckline of her dress is just low enough that they don’t get caught in it.
    But oh dear. That darn band. Surely there is a way to tuck it under her hair. For heaven’s sake, she used hair to wrap around her pony tail, hiding the hat band a bit better should be possible.
    It’s amazing how well she can carry off so much orange. Nice.

  7. I love Max, I love the orange (hate the metal headband) because it’s my schools’s and banana bike color from the 70’s; Please don’t blame me! I love it that she can pull this color off in so many functions. She’s Holland’s UT cheerleader.

  8. Máxima looks wonderful in orange and this ensemble is no exception. The placement of the hat this time is much better than the previous outing. While I think Máxima can rock these earrings, they’re a bit too much with this outfit as it adds a third shade of orange. Gold earrings (or all silver jewelry) would’ve been much better in my opinion.

    • I think the whole monochrome orange is a hit. But I confess I was a little worried about the shoes. Queen Max, true to form, doesn’t ruin the concept one bit. She’s wearing orange shoes as well!!

  9. The hat or the earrings – not both! And too sad that this hat was designed with a head-band to hold it on! That’s something a little girl might need but I am sure Max could have held the hat on another way!

  10. I agree totally with your comment about the unattractive metal headband, but I actually rather like the Carmen Miranda orange earrings with this hat. Even though they’re bigger (and brighter) than the earrings she’s worn before with this hat, their being orange makes them balance out the hat better, I think, than slightly smaller but still large neutral earrings. At any rate, this ensemble makes an impression (an orange one, but it is the Netherlands).

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