Queen’s Birthday Celebrated At Trooping the Colour

Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday celebration, Trooping the Colour, took place this morning in London. More than 1,000 soldiers took part in this royal salute to the Queen, who eschewed her long held practice of repeating previously worn hats and surprised us with a new one!  The hat, made of the same palest peach textured wool silk as her coat, featured a square crown and gently upturned brim on one side. A flat peach silk bow adorned the side of the hat which was secured by a gold hat pin. The warm colour looked quite pretty on Her Majesty and enabled her to stand out in a sea of red uniforms.

Queen Elizabeth, June 13, 2015 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat by Angela Kelly (previously worn for the Diamond Jubilee Pageant in May 2012)
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duke of Edinburgh joined the Queen to preside over the military parade. A member of the Grenadier Guards (indicated by the white plume on his bearskin hat), Prince Philip wore the uniform of his his rank as Colonel.

The Prince of Wales, who is Colonel of the Welsh Guards (green and white plume), the Duke of Cambridge, who Colonel of the Irish Guards (blue plume) the Princess Royal, who is Colonel of the Blues and Royals, all rode in the ceremonial parade.

11 thoughts on “Queen’s Birthday Celebrated At Trooping the Colour

  1. Neither hat nor coat do anything for me. Sometimes pale can be as good as bright colours at making the Queen stand out, and she was easy to pick out on the balcony, but it just isn’t my cup of tea.

  2. The Queen looked beautiful as always. I think the detail on the hat and coat is best enjoyed close up, in person.

    What a special moment for Her Majesty to be joined on the balcony with her family, including three future kings. She has long stressed the importance of continuity and she should be proud of her legacy.

  3. The blogs listed on the left of these pictures will provide many of the answers to your questions particularly Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault and the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor. You could also google Trooping the Colour.

    The Queen always wears the Guards’ Badge, a regimental badge which combines the symbols of the Grenadier Guards, the Coldstream Guards, the Welsh Guards, the Irish Guards, and the Scots Guards.

    This year’s Trooping the Colour ceremony will be marched by Prince Charles and his 1st Battalion Welsh Guards in honou r of the regiment’s centenary. My guess is that his position facilitates his role this year.

    Medals are beyond my expertise but you could look at the websites for the regiments which are very informative.

  4. The shade on HM is a little blaugh but it’s still nice and I do so love the shape of this hat on her vs the Mad Hatter larger ones she so often favors – this is a shape I would like to see her repeat.

  5. HQ, you have sharp eyes! I remember seeing this coat in 2012, wondering whether it had a hat, but I never thought of it when this morning’s pictures appeared. The night pictures from the Jubilee made the coat look much more of a golden color, and I never would have connected the two.
    I like the hat, though, not overdone, pleasant shape. As has been the case with many of AK’s recent coats, however, there is a problem with the fit of the neck: a gap on the right side while looking at the Queen seems now to be a trademark of AK’s coats. I have read that the Queen’s shoulders are no longer even, but those are the same shoulders that seem to fit into Stuart Parvin coats. Bespoke patterns are meant to be altered.
    This outfit seems more suitable for the meeting of a dignitary: the Queen does not stand out but, when viewed up close, looks colorful in a muted way. For an event like today’s, however, it seems an odd choice since, although all eyes are on the Queen and can find her, she doesn’t really stand out in such a pale color. But the fabric itself is beautiful.

  6. Well, those hoping for pink were not disappointed! HM looks fantastic here and so lovely to see a new hat on parade. Interesting how low the crown is compared to most of her other hats.

  7. Well I like it…shell pink…seems to be the colour appearing in the picture…so nice to see simple clean hat trim…sophisticated…good bye to flowers…much better.
    I have questions…one the brooch…worn often..crown on the top…is there a significance/ reason why the Queen wears it so often….almost embarrassed to ask…I should know the answer.
    Wondering why Prince William is riding in the centre and not Prince Charles. Why does Princess Ann have so many medals ?
    Sorry they are not hat questions. My curiosity is running fast here.
    Again I think the Queen looks wonderful.

  8. Stunned I was to see this! I’ve said it before – either Liz herself or Angele Kelly is reading this – because every time I proffer one of my theories, it gets trumped! Well – I rather like the outfit. I had not spotted that the coat was old – good catch. It’s got lovely texture, I was thinking the fabric is v similar to the Diamknd Jubilee service outfit, and now it makes sense. Lovely.

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