Trooping the Colour: British Royal Family

Much of the Queen’s immediate family joined Her Majesty for her official birthday celebration this morning. For this event, the Duchess of Cornwall repeated her cream straw picture hat with up-swept brim. The smoothly curving lines of this hat and the gossamer straw it is constructed from combine to give it a dramatic shape that feels very airy and light. Not everyone can pull off such a large hat but I think Camilla wears it well.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn:  June 19, 2013; June 14, 2011; April 29, 2011; June 16, 2009

In her first official engagement since Princess Charlotte’s birth, the Duchess of Cambridge attended today’s festivities in a new hat. A structured piece made of white sinamay trimmed with curled feathers, this saucer hat is a substantially larger piece than the hats Kate has worn in the past year. While I’m not sure about the shape (the high rim of the saucer makes it more of a basin than a saucer), the hat made a great pairing with Kate’s beautiful blue and white coat.

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Designer: Silvia Fletcher for Lock and Co. It is a bespoke version of the Marisabel design. Coat from Catherine Walker.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Beatrice topped her grey silk coat dress with a black headpiece lavishly embellished on one side with sparkling beads. The headpiece has a beautiful sense of movement and texture and I loved the way it tied in with her belt. The piece also brought a welcome edgy contrast to the Peter Pan collar on Beatrice’s coat and made for an ensemble that is the best of retro chic.

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Designer: Juliette Botterill
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Eugenie topped her tan and black dress with a beautiful new saucer hat. Made of cream pinopok straw, the percher hat is trimmed with a silk rose and curling, bleached pheasant feathers and a slim straw bow. The proportion of this hat is just right for Eugenie and the colour is a lovely contrast against her dark hair. This piece was by far, my favourite saucer hat of the day.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the Rose and Feather Trim Percher
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Prince Andrew repeated his black silk top hat while Prince Harry wore the uniform and cap of his ranking of Captain of The Blues and Royals.

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While he did not wear a hat, all eyes were on Prince George who made his royal balcony début. Dressed in the same pale blue outfit his father wore for his first Trooping the Colour in 1984, George was absolutely adorable.

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I felt the absence of the Countess of Wessex at this event (she and the Earl were in Stockholm for the Swedish Royal wedding) but there were still a number of show stopping hats worn in this group. Did any stand out especially for you?

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21 thoughts on “Trooping the Colour: British Royal Family

  1. I only like Princess Eugenie’s hat. Princess Beatrice’s is all night. I can’t excited about a big headband. The Duchess of Cornwall can carry off big hats but this hat is HUGE. Dislike the Duchess of Cambridge’s saucer.

  2. Prince George watched the parade from inside the palace. He is so cute!

    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Thought everyone was kind of blah – maybe they are saving all of their hat awesomeness for Ascot! Was it just me, or did they seem really uncomfortable with each other while in the carriage rides?

  4. The York sisters looked nice today and a lot better than is often seen of their hat/dress choices in my opinion. Kate on the other hand – well that coat and hat are really not anything I favor on her or anyone really. Nice that they choose to put Prince George in the same outfit his daddy wore at his first trooping of the colors in ’84.

    • I love the York’s hats. Usually I am annoyed when royals wear headbands but Beatrice’s is so substantial and pretty and looked so great with her dress that I love it! Eugenie’s hat also looked great. I’m a little tired of Camilla wearing these big inflated bubble hats that honestly, don’t look very good on her. I don’t think they would be flattering on anyone.

  5. I like Eug’s hat, but don’t think it ties to her dress particularly well as the feathers are just too light coloured. Still, a good one for her – and for Bea who looks terrific. Yes, it’s a head-band but it’s a *great* headband that has relevance to the whole. Kate, mmm. Would pale blue feathers help? As it is, I see a nice coat and a nice hat, but I don’t see an outfit/ensemble. Camilla looks nice, as do all those in uniform (must be really hard to wear a bearskin and not bump into things or have it topple off). George in ‘vintage’ – why would you? The child always looks as though he’s stepped out of the 1950s so I suppose 1984 is an improvement, but I’m tepid, at best.

  6. I wonder if Kate’s would work better a little further back on her head. It seemed a little large for a saucer perched that far forward (especially with the big dip in the middle and the substantial base(

  7. Nothing really impressed me all that much. I agree that Sophie was missed.

    A very minor correction for our editor. Prince William did not wear Prince George’s romper at Trooping in 1982, as the link says. William was not yet born for Trooping 1982, which was held on June 12, 1982. Technically, he was there, though – The Princess of Wales was on the balcony in a green dress and and a John Boyd – like green hat. The linked photo is from 1984. As I said, so very minor 🙂

    Bring on Ascot! Joanne

      • Oh Gracious Hat Queen, I hope my comment was not rude, I know you have had a very busy day and appreciate all you’ve done for us today. I came here to look at the hats even before I went to look at the wedding pictures, so you know where my priorities lie 🙂 thank you for your hard work!


  8. Everyone is blah except for Eugenie’s hat. Poor George is dressed like Shirley Temple. I agree with HatQueen I’m missing Sophie. Curious to see what everyone is wearing at the royal wedding.

  9. While I don’t care for the shape, it is good to see Kate trying something larger than norm. I expect we’ll see these white feathers at some future Garter Service. Eugenie’s is my fave for the day-love this hat. Would like to see it paired with a more brightly colored dress, though.

    • I agree – it’s great to see her trying something bigger. I wish she would try a picture hat. It might not work, but I’d like to see her try it. Joanne

  10. Has it really been that long since we’ve seen Camilla in this hat? I still love it, especially with that beautiful green coat. Glad to see Kate out again, but I fear the angle of this hat is a bit too steep. Beatrice’s non-hat hat was my least favorite just because it looked like a glorified headband; but I do think she looked great overall. Eugenie looked smashing in this new headpiece and was my favorite in this group! Andrew’s top hat looks so good on him, and Harry always wins with his military cap. Overall, a great showing by the immediate royal family.

  11. Love Camila’s and Eugenie’s hats. I totally agree with Janae in regard to Kate’s hat. I wish Kate would stop wearing three quarter length sleeves and Peter Pan collars. IMHO it looks like her clothes are too little for her or belong to a child.

    • I agree completely with your comments on Kate. There is a fine line between “classic” and “too safe.” I would love to see her be a little more adventurous.

  12. I LOVE Eugenie’s hat. So pretty on her.

    Happy to see Kate try out something other than the boring berets but this one looks like a different type of porcelain bowl…. just sayin’….

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