British Royals Commemorate Battle of Waterloo Centenary

Members of the British royal family attended a national service of commemoration at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London yesterday, marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated an ivory straw hat with wide brim that is slightly raised on one side. This hat is all about the  trim- a giant ostrich feather wrapped around the side of the hat’s crown. It’s a dramatic hat that she wears well, especially when contrasted against a streamlined coat as she chose yesterday. Incidentally, Camilla has a pair of hats in this style.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 28, 2012; September 10, 2011; July 28, 2009; July 16, 2009; May 12, 2009; July 1, 2006; June 19, 2006

Princess Antonia, Duchess of Wellington, Duchess of Ciudad Rodrigo, wore a simple black straw hat with wide mushroom shaped brim. The hat is trimmed with band around the base of the crown and beautiful stitching around the edge of the brim. With her cerise suit, the look was exceptionally elegant.

The Duchess of Gloucester repeated her slate grey straw beret and matching coat dress. Again.

Battle of Waterloo service attended by Boris Johnson and Alan Yarrow

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester greeting the Lord Mayor of London, Alan Yarrow

The 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo culminates tomorrow in Belgium with a re-enactment of Napoleon’s defeat.
Photos from Ik Aldama/Demotix via Corbis; and Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “British Royals Commemorate Battle of Waterloo Centenary

  1. I will go out in a limb and say I am utterly tired of Camilla ‘s “uniform” of ill-fitting pale coloured coat dresses and enormous hats coupled with a pearl choker of some description. For me the Duchess of Wellington wins the day by a mile. The Duchess of Gloucester does love to repeat her favourite outfits. I guess she has a small wardrobe. At least they are from this decade…..

  2. Camilla once again looks fabulous and would’ve made a fantastic Edwardian hat wearer, but please, bring back some color into your wardrobe, Camilla! The Duchess of Wellington is looking very chic, although I think her brooch placement is a bit high (very minor complaint). Birgitte, this ensemble is great on you, but please, will you wear something else?!

  3. Camilla may have worn this hat to death but I can see why. She just carried it off fabulously. Her coat is stunning, very well cut and flattering.

    Please someone – take Birgitte shopping.

  4. I could never figure out how this feather trim worked or was attached. Seeing it today, now it makes sense. And I like the hat more than I used to! When Camilla wears it outside, the feathers blow in every direction and the hat looks messy.

  5. I find it hard to like Camilla’s hat as I just don’t care much for big, ostrich feathery hats, but she looks good in it. The Duchess of Wellington looks smart and black is an appropriate accessory for this occasion. I always like this coat on the Duchess of Gloucester, the style and the colour are very nice, but we have seen it quite a bit recently.

  6. Yeah for Cams and ostrich feathers! She wears them so well – love her in this hat and the other one she has like it in black

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