Day Four of Royal Ascot, Part 1

Royal HatsI’m so thrilled to have milliners Christie Murray, Fiona Mangan and Jill Courtemanche joining us this week to dish about this year’s royal hats worn at Ascot. The fourth day of the races today saw five royal hats- here is a peek of the first two.

Queen Elizabeth in a new hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan

Queen Elizabeth, June 19, 2015 in Rachel Trevor Morgan

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Jill: I quite like this hat, the texture is beautiful with her suit and the simple flower trim is elegant. I particularly like that the flowers have a realistic, fresh picked from the garden look to them. This pale yellow has been the color of the week and this is a very smart look for the Queen.

Royal Hats: Rachel Trevor Morgan’s silk flowers always look amazing. This ha shape is a standard one for Her Majesty and while beautifully done, I’m on the fence regarding the colour.

Fiona: I find this colour of yellow  a little harsh against her colouring though the flatter brim seems to be less severe than the hat she wore yesterday. I love the detail in the trimming and the layering over the parasissal on this hat is quite interesting.

Christie: What a lovely hat! Again, a beautifully colour balanced look for the Queen. I love how Rachel’s made her hat more textural by adding the weave to the beautiful straw base. Those silk flowers are light and just gorgeous. It just oozes femininity. The broach is so delicate and it plays with the softness of the trim. Paired with the necklace and earrings, it’s all just right.  She is such an incredible milliner.

Zara Phillips Tindall in a new hat by Rosie Olivia

Christie: I’m loving the outfits today so far! I love how Zara Phillips has dressed up a bit today, she looks just gorgeous in those heels and in French Navy! Rosie’s headpiece is just gorgeous. Beautifully finished and crisp sisal base, and you really get a sense of the flow of the trim from the side shot of the piece. The feather trim works well texturally with her tweed jacket, whilst the clean lines keep it modern and elegant. This is my favourite look of Zara’s for the carnival so far.

Fiona: Zara: Absolutely love this whole look on Zara. I have worked with similar type swirls so immediately am a fan of her hat. Love the delicate two-tone going on in the swirls, it’s quite a feat to get the positioning of them to look perfect, which they do. The beret style is such a good look on Zara. Love the outfit – the floating waistline of the jacket sitting above the waistline really suits her. And the ankle cuffs on her shoes just fit in with the whole look perfectly.

Royal Hats:  I’m a sucker for navy and white and this hat is a beautiful modern take on this classic scheme. The beautiful white crin trim takes the hat from great to astounding! It’s one of my favourite hats this week.

Jill: This hat is tailored with just the right amount of frill for her suit. I agree- Zara looks great in this shape, it suits the angle of her profile perfectly and the soft, dark flowers are a lovely compliment to the full skirt of her dress and adds a little height that takes her up out of the high collar. The small pop of white in the crin trim is a nice accent and bring the whole outfit together.

It seems that the royal hats worn today for the fourth day of Ascot races are off to a great start! We’ll weigh in on the remaining hats later tonight.

Photos from Mirrorpix / Splash News via Corbis; and Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Day Four of Royal Ascot, Part 1

  1. Both outfits are lovely. RTM’s hat is rather sedate, but the flowers are beautiful. The coat fits, and buttons of the same color as the coat, drawing attention away from the buttons and to the trim on the hat and the brooch. Although it’s become her trademark, black handbags, particularly this bigger one, do detract from the whole outfit, however.
    Zara looks amazing pulled together!

  2. Navy and white can look to “sailor-y” but Zara’s hat is STUNNING.

    The Queen looks great in this hat but why is there a pink flower on it? Yellow hat + yellow flowers = good. Yellow hat + pink flowers = bad.

  3. This lemon yellow is stunning on HM (and I don’t really care for yellow!) and this is my favorite Ascot look for her (unless she brings out another surprise today). The hat is a favorite shape of mine for HM and the detailing is exquisite.

    I also love Zara’s hat and think the colors and detailing are most suited for her. My only complaint is her bolero jacket looks a bit boxy, but otherwise she looked gorgeous!

  4. Both ladies look fab! Hope we will see more of this full skirt silhouette from Zara. It really does flatter her, and is very balancing for the smaller hats she prefers.

  5. HM’s hat has lovely roses on it. I love them! Zara’s hat is wonderful in fact her whole look today is spot on

  6. Ditto to all the pleasant comments about these two royal ladies. I just love The Queen in this unexpected colour and the hat is the perfect size, shape and proportion with the lovely blush, natural looking trim. For me today I find myself really enjoying looking at the hat, instead of the outfit, because it is just so lovely, and that’s not always the case. Loving all the different textures round the place too.

  7. I do like the Queen’s get up, it’s a very traditional Queen outfit, but it’s lovely and the yellow, whilst unexpected is great.

    Zara look fab. After the things I read about her figure the other day (not here of course!) I couldn’t believe the cruelty of what was being said. She’s come back and showed em that – and looks great in this very classic ensemble, this is one of her best.

  8. Zara has it so right today – a design that flatters her figure and in the right size, and doesn’t she look gorgeous? She is a natural beauty and with the ensemble so right – including a perfect hat – that’s what we see.

    Her Maj is right on trend (!, I doubt that she cares the trend is yellow). Lovely hat and I adore the silk peonies, so feminine and much nicer than obviously fake flowers would have been. I won’t say anything about the black handbag and shoes because, well, she’s my monarch and 89 and taken together that gives her a lot of leeway!

  9. I LOVE the Queen’s hat – the shape is perfect for her – no flat sharp brims or crazy shaped crowns. Just a pretty hat with glorious full-blown roses. splendid. And Zara’s whole outfit today was a winner.

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