Overview of Royal Ascot 2015

As we wrap up Royal Ascot 2015, here is a look back at all of the amazing hats we enjoyed:

Royal Ascot Day 1

Royal Ascot 2015   Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015  Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Hats Royal Ascot 2015

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Beatrice, Countess of Wessex,
Princess Michael of Kent
, Princess Anne, Autumn Phillips, Zara Phillips Tindall, Lady Sarah Chatto, Duchess of Gloucester

Royal Ascot Day 2 

Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015
Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Countess of Wessex, Princess Anne, Autumn Phillips,
Princess Alexandra of Kent, 
Princess Michael of Kent, Duchess of Gloucester

Royal Ascot Day 3 (Ladies’ Day)

Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015
Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece,
Countess of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Countess Spencer

Royal Ascot Day 4

Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015

Queen Elizabeth,  Zara Phillips Tindall, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Duchess of York

Royal Ascot Day 5

Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015

Queen Elizabeth, Lady Helen Windsor

Favourite Royal Hats at Ascot 2015 (see results here)

Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015 Royal Ascot 2015

My deepest thanks again to Australian milliner Christie Murray, Irish milliner Fiona Mangan and American milliner Jill Courtemanche for joining us to review all of these hats. Their millinery expertise has been invaluable! They are each as lovely as they are talented and it has been so fun to have them here.

48 thoughts on “Overview of Royal Ascot 2015

  1. Best hat is the one worn by Sophie Wessex on day 3. I like wide brimmed hats and this was very classic Southern belle. I want this hat!
    Second best was the one worn by Sophie Wessex on day 1. While it wasn’t something I’d wear, it was very architectural, made her look taller, and was the perfect accompaniment to her dress. It certainly was an attention grabber!
    Third best hat goes to Zara Phillips Tindall on day 4. I like to dress in blue and white so I would like to wear this hat. She looks very good in blue and white. The hat’s trim is interesting, and not too fussy.
    Fourth best hat is the hat worn by Princess Haya on day 2. I loved the extraordinary shape of it, and it was a good choice with her vibrant yellow dress.

    I am looking forward to this poll, and I hope that we also get to vote for our least favourite hats too. I want to extend my deepest thanks to Australian milliner Christie Murray, Irish milliner Fiona Mangan and American milliner Jill Courtemanche, and to HatQueen.

    • I too was wondering whether our least favourite Ascot 2015 hats might be considered worthy of a post- not with any snark of course, just an exchange of views. Just a thought. Ta.

      • I’m not feeling the benefit of ‘least favourite’ polls so likely won’t feature any more here on the blog. But by all means- discuss as you wish!

  2. Thanks HatQueen and the 3 milliners who gave us such interesting Royal Ascot commentary. My favorite hats:
    1. Countess of Wessex, Day 1, which was an interesting yet not over-the-top look. I thought it was a Phillip Treacy hat at first glance, as she has worn some by him before that have a lot of height. Jane Taylor did well to keep the height in a reasonable proportion, and the simple, classic, elegant dress didn’t compete with the hat. This was my overall favorite hat and outfit this year.

    2. Countess of Wessex, Day 3. I do love a good brimmed hat, and this was just right as she has trouble carrying off the really huge hats, as you have to be as tall as Queen Maxima usually to rock those ones. It worked with the soft lines of her feminine outfit very well, and photographed well from every angle.

    3. Countess of Wessex, Day 2, and this Jane Taylor hat coordinated so well with her outfit. While the design was a little restrained for Ascot, it suited her face shape so well and it had an amazing lightness, It was well suited to her floaty, feminine outfit.

    4. Zara Phillips, Day 4, in Rosie Olivia, in an original design that seemed light, despite carrying a fair bit of trim. It looked like a different hat from different angles. The color was perfect for Zara’s fair skin and hair and it brought out her blue eyes. The matching jacket stripe tied it into her outfit, and I think it was her best outfit of the week.

  3. So here that are, I nominate:
    1- Princess Hayat Bint Al Hussein day 1,
    2 – Princess Hayat Bint Al Hussein day2,
    3 – Countess of Wessex day3,
    4 – Queen Elizabeth day 4.

  4. For Ascot, I want to see hats I’ve never seen before. These ones were out of the box

    Lady Helen Day 5
    Princess Beatrice Day 3
    Princess Haya Day 1
    Zara Philips Day 4

  5. I can’t reisist a good picture hat!

    1. Sophie Wessex on day 1
    2. Prinncess Marie-Chantal on day 3
    3. Sophie Wessex on day 3
    4. Princess Beatrice on day 3

  6. This is so much fun! Thanks for showing all the hats together. My top 4 are:

    1. Countess of Wessex on Day 3. I love the way the sun shone through the pattern on the hat.
    2. Princess Eugenie on Day 3. She looks so good in vintage themed stuff and she looked so pretty in this green
    3. Autumn on Day 2. It’s so cute!
    4. Countess Spencer on Day 3. This is such a pretty hat on her!

  7. I have so enjoyed following the comments of the guest commentators, along with yours, HatQueen. Thanks for arranging a fantastic Ascot Week for followers. My understanding is my comments refer to only the hats, not to the hat in relationship to the outfit as a whole.
    My first choice is the delicious pink and green worn by Lady Helen Windsor. From the colour combination, to the tiers, to the pretty pearl edging, and it’s very simple shape, which I believe suits the Lady Helen, this hat says stunning to me.
    My second choice is Princess Bea’s simple, unadorned coral and turquoise brimmed straw. I do believe she could have improved her placement of the hat, but how beautifully it complimented her delicate colouring. A striking hat. I have now named my two wow! hats, and move into the best of what I consider to be more of the same. Hats that appear to be bolted to foreheads, usual trimmings, no edginess here. But some beautiful hats never-the-less.
    Sophie was exceptional this year, and I particularly enjoyed seeing her in the soft pearly grey on Day 3, not least because it was lovely to see Sophie in a wider shape, rather than the elongated shapes she so often chooses. This hat in my 3rd. place getter.
    My fourth choice is Eugenie’s pretty repeat hat. It is soft and summery and the colours are beautiful with her colouring. She looks to be in a hat suitable for her young years as opposed to many of the hats she and Bea wear that are too aging for them.

    • I have just noticed I haven’t clearly stated the Day 4 hat for Eugenie, and I would like to be clear about the hat I am nominating. My apologies..

  8. Well this has been an absolute treat to tune in every day (sometimes several times a day), so thankyou so much to everyone. For the record, here are my top 4.

    * Her Majesty the Queen on day 4 in yellow. As I said at the time I just couldn’t stop looking at the hat and I thought the colour and the texture and those beautiful realistic blooms just gorgeous. It was what I/we expect the Queen to look like and the execution was wonderful.
    * The Countess of Wessex on day 2- the Jane Taylor creation. So elegant and feminine and light and soft. Just beautiful. And I liked Sophie’s outfit too.
    * Princess Haya on day 1. Those flowers all over it were amazing and it was big and bold and black and OTT. As others said at the time- she brought it! I can just imagine her saying- ” I want that one”.
    * Zara on day 4 in the navy and white. The more I look at it the more I like it. I think it just really suited her personality. It was a perfect choice for her outfit which I thought was stellar.

    Well done again to HQ and guests. It’s been enormous fun.

  9. Day One, Day Two, and Day Three–Countess of Wessex all three days–Sophie’s hats were all large, beautiful, and impeccably accessorized to match her white outfits all three days. Her hair was done to perfection to complement the three hats. I admire a woman who knows the style of clothing, hats, and color that suit her best. Sophie wins on all three counts.

    Day Four–Zara Phillips was a standout in the navy and white beret. Loved the way the colors were reversed on her jacket. Just a clean, sleek, and modern look.

  10. Firstly thank you Rebecca, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and scrutinising all the Royals in their millinery this week and found it a great learning experience for myself even by reading the comments of my fellow milliners, christie, Jill and of course your contribution too Rebecca. Your blog is a mind of information and you truly are the most dedicated follower of royal hats and fashion I have ever come across. I have read all the replies on each day of the blog and its wonderful to see so many readers show an engagement and interest in this wonderful world of Royal Millinery!!
    Here’s my favourite 3 hats:
    Zara Day 4;
    Sophie Day 1;
    Eugenie Day 3.

  11. In no particular order:

    The Countess of Wessex on Day 3: such a stunning hat, very dramatic yet playful with the sun sparkling through.

    Princess Beatrice on Day 3: Quirky yet elegant – I loved that she did not tilt it.

    Princess Alexandra of Kent on Day 2: Unusual but playful and I just loved how the trim picked up the colorscheme from her Paisley dress.

    Queen Elizabeth on Day 4: Beautiful color and those delicate flowers are beautiful.

  12. 1. Countess Spencer, for classic elegance and perfect pairing with the rest of her outfit and accessories.
    2. Princess Alexandra of Kent, for a fun and colourful yet elegant choice.
    3. Eugenie Day 3, on the whole at her best while still youthful and fun.
    4. Her Majesty on Day 1, because she saves an otherwise quite boring day.

  13. Sophie Day 1- she looks amazing, and it’s something new and fresh in the shape department- that seems difficult to do lately.

    Zara’s navy hat-just the right blend of classic and contemporary, flawlessly executed. A work of art, really. The profile view absolutely blew me away.

    Countess Spencer- pleasant surprise from a “non-royal royal”. Can’t think of a single thing I’d change about her whole outfit-stunning appearance.

    Autumn’s green- loving the bright color and also this is a style I don’t recall seeing on her before. Love how fresh and fun this looks. If she had put her hair up it might have been my number one.

  14. Sophie Days 1 and 2 and 3 -fashion forward, adventurous, classy.
    And Princess Anne for the 4th vote -the ultimate recycler, classy, and the hats cover up the antiquated hair style (if I dare call it a “style” at this point).

  15. 1. Queen Elizabeth – day 1. Reversing the traditional side for trim makes the split crown aspect even more interesting. Beautiful color, and a perfect coat for a change.
    2. Countess of Wessex – day 3. Hat plays with the sun reflections beautifully, is a gorgeous shape and dramatic.
    3. Zara Tindall – day 4. Good shape, beautiful colors.
    4. Queen Elizabeth – day 2. The white underbrim stands out spectacularly from the bright blue. (Yes, unfortunately the Queen does have to back out of a room so that you don’t see the strange shape in the back.)
    5. Queen Elizabeth – day 4. Typical but beautiful color and beautiful flowers.
    Thanks to all of your for your comments and insights!

  16. Thank you HatQueen for a very fun week! I’m sure Ascot is your busiest week on the blog and we are grateful that you put in all the work and provide this site for all of us hat lovers! Thank you to the expert milliners, Jill, Fiona & Christie! Your comments and professional insight are very much appreciated — plus you have the *best* job ever! I may not have been commenting on each day’s posts but I was here soaking up all the hat goodness.

    My four nominations go to:
    HM on Day 4 – yellow is one of my favorite colors and RTM always has the right touch with her flowers, they look so real!
    Zara Phillips Tindall on Day 4 – the best she has looked and the feathers on that hat – the way they curved and looped – masterful!
    Sophie Wessex on Day 3 – love her in a big hat! The way the sun shone through the straw and made a lovely pattern on her dress may have been accidental but it was gorgeous and highlighted how beautiful Sophie is, which is what a hat should do, make you focus on who is wearing it.
    Beatrice of York on Day 3 – sometimes she overdoes things and this hat was perfect jus tthe way it was. And it was fun and youthful.

    Honorable mention to Autumn Phillips on Day 2 – That green is really beautiful on her and the bow and feathers were fun!

  17. The Queen on day 4 – a lovely and delicate use of color
    Zara on day 4 – a classic color combo with a twist and goes so weel with her clothe
    Zara on day 1 – an unexpected color combo that works -the dress was poorly fitted tho
    The Lady Helen Taylor – I’m just a fan of her quirky ,clever style

  18. 1. Countess of wessex-day 1;its such a grand statement;2.countess of wessex-day 3,its elegant & light & she manages to make grey look refreshing;3.princess Haya-very my fair lady,which is what ascot is all about imho:); 4.crown princess Marie Chantal of Greece-who doesnt love a giant Phillip Treacy hat?

  19. Thank you very much for this brilliant round up of a indeed wonderful Ascot week. I deeply enjoyed your covering of this hat-event!

    1. Countess of Wessex – Day 1 – grand, ladylike, dramatic and perfect on Sophie.
    2. Princess Alexandra – Day 2 – every so elegant, very summery and indeed with a special touch.
    3. The Queen – Day 4 – I love this hat, perfect colour, great shape, and oh those flowers.
    4. The Queen – Day 1 – What a colour, what a brooch, what an appearance. PERFECT!

    • I know we are not meant to be discussing outfits, but I’m with Gatsby re The Queens choice for day 1, that Peter Enrione ensemble was exquisite. The cut and flow of the coat and the gorgeous floral print underneath which was classy and bright. Ms Kelly’s hat was in harmony and of course, the pièce de résistance, that stunning stunning brooch. Her Majesty at her most stylish. Thanks.

  20. 1. Countess Spencer–Day 3. Head to toe perfection and I love the color. Actually my favorite overall look of the week.
    2. Marie-Chantal–Day 3. Sometimes bigger IS better.
    3. Autumn Phillips–Day 1. Black is a great color on Autumn and she wears this stylish hat at the perfect angle IMO.
    4. Countess of Wessex–Day 2 Sophie knows how to rock a hat. The view from the side is my favorite.

    Thank you for the educational and enjoyable coverage!

  21. After much dithering back and forth (and an extra cup of coffee!) I have made my choice:

    1. Queen Elizabeth on the first day. Because of color and the very nice flowers on the hat.
    2. Princess Alexandra on the second day. Because of the way the hat matches her jacket so perfect.
    3. Queen Elizabeth on the second day. Because of the white brim on the blue hat. Very nice.
    4. Queen Elizabeth on the third day. Because of the color and the soft feel.

  22. 1. Sophie on Day 1 in that white hat. It was so gorgeous and it was before she wore white for the rest of the week and I got bored with her.
    2. Princess Marie Chantal on Day 3 because it’s epic
    3. Princess Beatrice on Day 3 because it’s so sleek and she wore the pants off it
    4. Zara on Day 4 because it’s just a plain pretty hat and she looked great

  23. Hat Lady, Christie, Fiona, and Jill,

    This whole week has been very educational. It has been like taking a “Beginner Milliner Course”. Thank you.

    1. Countess of Wessex – Day 1 – Jane Taylor – The height & size of this gorgeous hat, balanced the length of the simple yet classic dress. This is my overall favorite!

    2. Zara Phillips Tindale – Day 4 – Rosie Olivia – The color is lovely with Zara’s fair skin & blue eyes. The matching jacket stripe within the hat ribbon/embellishment completes the outfit.

    3. Princess Anne – Day 1 – Snoxell Gwyther – The size and structure of this hat seems to fit perfectly. The darker color brightens Princess Anne’s beautiful skin. In these pictures she is glowing. I do agree with others, that the brown should be more for fall/winter. However, The white dress accessorized with the colorful scarf lightens the hat and creates a stunning look on Princess Anne.

    4. Countess of Wessex – Day 2 – Jane Taylor – The lines of her dress are echoed in the her hat. The shape/style of the hat are very light and feminine.

    • Apologies Annie but re your choice for Princess Anne I think you mean day 2. Yes?? (You mention the scarf). The reason I probably noticed this is because I thought the Princess Royal looked amazing this day too. In fact this brown hat almost made my top 4…..almost.

      • Thank you for noticing Louise. Yes, I meant Day 2. The solid brown hat. There are so many beautiful choices, it is hard to keep them all straight.

  24. 1. HM The Queen on Day 4 in lemon yellow.
    2. Autumn Kelly Phillips on Day 2 in clover green.
    3. Countess Spencer on Day 3 in dark teal.
    4. Princess Marie-Chantal on Day 3 in beige & cream

    Ugh, so hard to narrow down choices! Thanks for all the hard work this week amidst the insanity that is Hat Christmas!

  25. Right then! Here goes!

    1 – Sophie on day 3. I just love that Scarlett O’Hara brim she has going on. It’s amazing.

    2 – Beatrice on day 3. That colour combo is so surprising and she played it beautifully against the white dress.

    3 – Alexandra on day 2. The coat is the star but the hat and its party streamers just set it off so well.

    4 – HM on day 4. I know the shapes not everyone’s favourite, but I love this hat in all its minty freshness and its a fantastic colour on her.

    Thanks for the amazing commentary this week – it’s been a blast!

  26. It’s got to be fergie first as her hat is just so stylish.
    2nd is duchess of Gloucester In a red straw hat
    3rd/4th – Queen in yellow and apricot… Just fantastic

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