Hat From the Past

Royal Hats  A pair of 70s hats that appeared at Ascot thirty seven years ago today. It feels that the mustard floral print on the Queen Mother’s hat must have appeared on a number of sofas as well.

Photo from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. While the hats are most certainly indicative of the seventies….MrFitzroy is intrigued by both the heavy yet short sleeved suit (coat?) on Princess Margaret, and why the Queen Mother has what appears to be an enormous fishing fly as a hat ornament. (albeit appropriate given one of her favorite hobbies).
    What a wonderful photo to pluck from the archives…thank you HatQueen!

  2. The Queen Mother’s hat represents the dreaded “avocado and gold” era in America, the plague of many an older kitchen and bath.

  3. Princess Margaret’s hat reminds me of the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in the final scene of “My Fair Lady”. I really like it, although the coat seems a bit heavy for Ascot. Ah, the Queen Mother, who can blame her for continually wearing a shape that suited her so well? At least she was very recognizable and always put together, even if all the colors and detailings haven’t stood the test of time.

    • We think about the Queen Mum’s style being timeless (or outside timelines of fashion!) but this is a good reminder that she did play to current trends!

      • Did she not have a green floral hat similar to this and I believe Elizabeth II also did – possibly that is the same.

      • Embed from Getty Images

        Here is the Queen Mother in a green floral hat

  4. I agree that the mustard floral print on the Queen Mother’s hat looks more like it belongs on a sofa. The color is all wrong for an Ascot hat. Mustard evoked an Autumn to winter look I think. Princess Margaret’s hat is too floppy and the neckline on her coat looks sloppy.

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