British Royals Kick Off Visit To Germany

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived in Berlin today to begin a four-day state visit to Germany. As she usually does on foreign tours, the Queen kicked things off in a new hat. In turquoise straw, the simple shape of this hat followed the rough lines of a cloche with tall, rounded crown and short brim that curled up on one side. The trimming, however, was where simplicity ended. A wide, woven band of pleated sinamay wrapped around the crown, matched by a similar overlay in a finer pleat overlaid on the brim. A large straw loop at the side and a silk rose in the same shade of Brandeis blue as Her Majesty’s coat completed the hat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

While I am not sure about the base shape (the crown is a twinge too high) and the silk rosette seems poorly done, the colour is lovely and the pleated sinamay overlays are a creative touch that add such softness and visual interest to the hat. This detailed piece is such a departure from the Queen’s other go-to millinery shapes and embellishments – a departure that leaves me inclined to like it. 

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 I also adore the very straightforward luggage tags on Her Majesty’s hat boxes.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat and dress by Peter Enrione
Previously Worn: This hat is new
What are your thoughts on this new hat?
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28 thoughts on “British Royals Kick Off Visit To Germany

  1. Well many of us were hoping for some new designs and we got one! I have to say I actually don’t mind this particular hat- as someone said last week…call me crazy kids! I love the colour, I like the brim which is not too wide and has a slight upturn which is a very nice look for the Queen. I like the flower and I even like the pleated crin/sinaway, particularly sitting rather delicately on top of the brim. Because it is springy it moulds to the crown well enough….just…..and altogether I think it’s okay. Thanks

  2. The hat colour just seems too strong somehow and looks especially off when we don’t have a glimpse of the dress underneath (and which as someone had already pointed out looks to be teal and beige, not teal and royal blue). I don’t have a problem with the shape but do dislike the pleated overlay, especially when one is at an angle to see it sticking up on the brim and top of the crown which gives the unfortunate vibe ofone of those decorative toilet roll covers! And cheapens the look of the hat. The rose? Meh. Not quite right, is it?

  3. I’m perplexed by the entire outfit. When I first saw it, I thought the Queen had put on the wrong hat. I find the hat’s shape interesting, particularly the brim, a different shape for Angela Kelly. Since, once again, the coat does not fit correctly, one can indeed see a turquoise dress underneath, although it appears to be a paisley with gold or tan or something other than the bright blue of the coat and the silk rose. I suppose the bright blue band to the neck of the dress was added to provide some bright blue somewhere on the dress. I don’t think the bright blue is the right color for the coat.
    The pleated sinamay on the hat is interesting but it doesn’t seem the right texture for the coat. I think the whole outfit needs recoordinating.

  4. Like almost always I will take a pass on the hat and coat. The dress underneath might be nice and goes with the hat better than the coat. Wondering if it is cold enough that a coat is needed. The hat and dress plus a light jacket might have been nicer.
    The hat is just a different version of the same hats she usually wears. Very boring.
    Good for her for travelling though. Great stamina.

  5. In the first picture the hat looks like a knitted winter hat. I was glad to read the commentary to find it really wasn’t. The hat is not a disaster, but it isn’t a winner, either.

    I do love the hat box tags. When I travel by car, I have a lovely red hat box that I use. It’s large enough for almost any of my hats. I wish I had a few others like it.

  6. I definitely like this hat more than I dislike it, but I do have quarrels with a few of the details. At first, I thought the pleated overlay was crinoline (which I can’t imagine HM ever having on her hats), but the 6th photo down in the post shows the details of the hat very well, and it actually does look to be made of sinamay; if that’s the case, while I dislike the overlay, getting sinamay pleated like that takes some serious work, so Angela Kelly earns my respect in that case. Second, the crown seems a tad bit high, but not too extreme, and I can live with it. Third, I wish there had been either two roses, or one larger one, and not the current version where it’s falling open at the bottom. The colors are absolutely beautiful and overall this hat is a nice debut.

  7. I must agree with the others and say this whole look is a bit “iffy” for me. I do like that something different was tried with the trimming. However the pleated material looks to be crinoline instead of sinamay.

  8. Sorry to say I’m not a fan of this one at all! I don’t like the shape or the material. I think the flower is very poor when you consider the superb flowers which adorn RTMs hats.

  9. I love the color combination of the teal blue with the royal blue. And the teal obviously is pulled from the dress underneath the coat, which we get a hint of in one of the photos (she seems to be into paisley of late). I’m not too keen on the pleated detail but since it is sort of colorless I can sort of look beyond it. I like that teal color next to her face – it makes her radiant.

    Now, about that hat box. I am shocked, shocked I say, that the Queen of the UK et al uses cardboard boxes when traveling with her hats (I do rather like the tag HatQueen)! I find it almost impossible to believe that she doesn’t have a collection of beautiful leather luggage, including various hat boxes. What in the great wide world is up with the Queen using cardboard boxes?!?!

    Seeing her hat box does bring back fond memories for me however. When I was a little boy and my Granny traveled to visit her sister she always took along a couple of hats (day hat and Sunday hat). It was my responsibility to carry Granny’s hat boxes to the car and then from the car to her sister’s house. Such a great memory. 🙂

    • What a sweet memory. Thanks for sharing. Too bad that the days of ladies traveling with hat boxes are almost gone.

    • I’m appalled at the Queens hat box as well. Years back when HRH landed here in NYC some clever photog took a picture of the Queens ample luggage on the tarmac. I seem to remember some fancy hat boxes with the Queens coat of arms on them. I remember thinking it was very chic and fitting, I agree with Chicago Chuck, that box is not up to traveling standards for the Queen.

  10. Hmmm. I’m firmly in the “undecided” column on this one. I love this Aqua color on the Queen, but since you can’t see her dress really at all….it’s difficult to see how it coordinates with the outfit as a whole. Still thinking…

  11. I do like HM’s outfit, however I do not like the hat. The color and texture reminded me of a kitchen scrubbie as soon as I saw the first picture and I can’t get that out of my head. I hope we see better hats during this trip. Having said that, I’d also like to say what a handsome couple they make.

    • I’m not thrilled with the color combination or the trim. They DO make a handsome couple, indeed, but from the last photo, you can tell that the prince isn’t buying into her new hat either! He seems to be thinking, “Where are all the horses this week?”

  12. familiar silhouet, it looks like they made an effort te reinvent the same hat shape with different textures , not fond of it

  13. The color is lovely, but I am not sure it goes with the coat. There is something a little off with the color combination for me, but in general, I like the hat, and it looks great on HM.

  14. She looks lovely but this hat looks a bit like a tall cake to me – I agree, the crown is just a tad too high.

  15. This is such a departure in shape from the Queen’s usual hats these days, I like it very much, and such a jaunty brim. I love the colour, and the trimmings are interesting – and I think it really fits perfectly with the rest of the Queen’s outfit. The one thing that I’m really not sure about is having the pleated sinamay overlay surrounding the rounded crown, so that there is no neat place where the trim ends – it sticks up a little from the crown. To me it seems a trim more suited to a squared off crown when it could be cut to exactly the right level.

  16. It is quite a departure isn’t it, she doesn’t really wear this shape. I’m just not sure I like it. There’s something about the colour combo I find unflattering, and I’m not sold on the shape itself. Hmm, it might grow on me though. I’ll carry on pondering…

  17. I like this whole outfit. A little variety is always good, and this is just a little different from her regular coats and hats.

  18. I adore your Queen…she is as beautiful as ever. This ensemble is beautiful…I love the shape of the hat, the height is just right for her stature, and just the two contrasts of color draw the eye to the details of the materials of the hat. The colors of the hat and coat together are spectacular; even the length of the skirt is perfectly in proportion….her legs are still beautiful! I would love to see the coordinating dresses she wears under her coats. And, as beautiful as the Queen is, her husband is still as equally handsome and regal…more than a Prince to me!

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