Luxembourg National Day

The Luxembourg royal family celebrated their country’s national holiday yesterday with attendance at a civil ceremony, a military parade and an inter-religious Te Deum at the Luxembourg Cathedral. While hats did not appear at the first two events (except for uniform caps), a quintet of lovely pieces were donned for the Te Deum.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa used the occasion to début a new ‘slice’ brim picture hat with upfolded brim raised high over one side of the hat’s crown. The dramatically shaped hat was trimmed in bold, wide curling straw ribbons (the same ones we saw adorn numerous hats at Ascot last week) which adorned the underside of the raised brim. Maria Teresa has worn this style of hat in the past- while some argue it gives her some height, I think the shape overwhelms. It’s a beautiful hat and it pairs well with her tan and black embroidered suit but I think a different shape would have been better suited the Grand Duchess.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

The Hereditary Grand Duchess topped her beautiful yellow dress with a light picture hat. The hat, made of slim strips of crin sewn together to give a striped effect, featured a gently ruffled brim on one side into which a large yellow feather was tucked. I am firmly on the fence with this piece- the stripes give it a dime-store vibe that I just can not shake and the feather is simply awful. It does, however, have a lovely sense of light airiness that works well with Princess Stèphanie’s yellow dress and her beautiful hair and makeup provides the polish and elegance which the hat lacks. I adore that Princess Stèphanie is slowly starting to experiment with her hats and hope this trend continues.

Princess Stèphanie, June 23, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

Princess Claire wore a large white picture hat with rolling brim, trimmed simply with a black band around the base of the crown. The hat is a simple but very chic piece that worked very well with her dotted red dress and amazing earrings.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Princess Alexandra topped her pale green lace dress with a 1920s flapper-style headband. While I’m not sure the headband was a great match for her dress, there is something so lighthearted and unexpected about this piece that makes me smile.

Designer: Amelie D’Hooghvorst
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Princess Tessy fast-forwarded two decades from her sister-in-law, bringing a 1940s fashion vibe into her look today. Her headpiece, a high curling base of gossamer grey straw trimmed with feathers, worked beautifully with her navy dress and waved hairstyle and perfect red lip (has ever a red lip set off a hat so well?). The modern headpiece is an unexpected choice to round out a vintage look but Tessy looked stunning in it.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

It is always lovely to see the entire family together at this event- which one of these hats stood out most to you?

Photo from Getty as indicated and Jean-Claude Ernst via Tageblatt

16 thoughts on “Luxembourg National Day

  1. HDG Stephanie’s Hat is horrible…it does look like one of the $5.99 hats you would get at TJMaxx …the Added feather looks like it was just glued on at the last minute to match the dress…I always think she dresses a little too old for her age as well Like she is just not comfortable being dressed up and on display…not the most glamorous

  2. Stephanie’s hat reminds me of a 1970s style bridal hat but she looks beautiful. And I want to be Claire – everything about that outfit is perfect. Tessy looks very good too.

  3. I think the Grant Duchess’s hat is excellent with this outfit and very flattering to her personally. The slope of the hat matches the slope of the embroidery on the jacket, and the added height (and width) of the hat are good. I agree with Sandra’s comment about the unattractive front closure on the jacket, though; it looks as though someone censored the photograph of the jacket.
    I also like Princess Stephanie and Princess Tessy’s hats.

  4. Like the hat and love the outfit of the Grand Duchess (but NOT that front closure, what was the designer thinking?), like the dress but not the hat of HGD Stephanie (what worked for Sophie Wessex last week isn’t working this week and it’s all in the detail), P Claire very nice, P Alexandra is fun and looks nice, but maybe isn’t quite right for a church service (is coming from or going straight to a nightclub? okay, a 1920s nightclub, but still), P Tessy is very put together and smart. I’m generally not a fan of these frou-frou side-of-the-head hats but this one works well for her.

    Lovely turnout.

  5. So glad to see a large brimmed hat back on the Grand Duchess! This one is very successful, especially with her outfit, and does not overwhelm her because it is largely off her face.

    I want to love Stephanie’s whole look, but her hat unfortunately looks quite cheap to me. If it had been made of sinamay instead of floppy horsehair, then she would’ve been my favorite look of the day. So close!

    Claire looks quite wonderful, if also not a bit retro with her red and white polka dot dress. That large panama portrait hat is a excellent choice for her!

    Alexandra’s flapper-inspired headpiece seems too eveningwear for a daytime church event.

    Finally, Tessy has long looked fantastic in a variety of hats, headpieces, and fascinators, and this is no exception.

    Brava to all these ladies for overall glamorous looks!

  6. Claire’s hat is stunning. It’s simple and classing but oh so stylish. I love it. It matches her dress perfectly. Princess Tessy whole looks is amazing too. Stephanie tried but I’m not convinced. I think it’s the crown of the hat that bothers me.

  7. Grand Duchess’ hat reminds me too much of wedding hats that were so popular in the 70s. I would have rather seen her in something less ‘white’ with that outfit

  8. Everyone looked wonderful. I loved the Grand Duchess’s hat, and Princess Claire’s, and Princess Tessy’s. I did not love Princess Stephanie’s hat. I really wanted to. It looked great in some of the pictures, and I loved that it was white, but it just missed. There was just something off about it. It almost looked like a beach hat. A different material might have done it because she looked great in the hat, and I thought it was flattering and young, but I didn’t like the material.

  9. I love Stephanie’s white hat with her yellow dress. The feather makes them go together. I also love the black and white hat with Claire’s red dress. You can never go wrong with black white and red!

  10. Princess Tessy looks exquisite. That dress is striking.
    I really love the “look” of HGD Stephanie’s hat, but as I read your explanation, I have to agree. The yellow dress is fabulous on her! Great color choice, and I think the hat style totally suits her…just maybe different material.
    Princess Claire looks amazing, but I’m not a fan of the navy/black ribbon on her hat for some reason. It looks like the hat was almost bought as an after thought with the dress. The dress is stunning, and the hat is lovely..except for that ribbon for me.

  11. Everyone looked great today, and I seldom say that! Stephanie has never been more beautiful, regardless of the hat. Tough vote, but I’ll go with Claire with her red polka dots and classic white hat

  12. The pictures did not all come through…things happen. I do not really like the flapper hat, the black closure on the suit of the Grand Duchess seems it could have been improved . There is a real love affair there…he always smiles at her.
    I like the white hat and the feather is a different touch. The plain white hat with black band is great. Not keen on the grey hat.
    Everyone looks so happy.

  13. What an attractice family! Stephanie has never looked so beautiful and I will forgive the sad yellow feather because her dress is lovely and her makeup perfection. Claire looks outstanding, love the hat and the whole look. Tessy is coming into her own. I like her whole ensemble. The Grand Duchess looks great. I am going to vote FOR the hat. I think it is quite becoming. As for Alexandra, she just makes me smile too. Ah to be young and a princess!

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