Third Day of British Royal Visit to Germany

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh travelled to Frankfurt for a number of events yesterday on Day Three of their German visit. The Queen’s parade of new hats continued with two more designs today, again in blue and white (the official millinery colours of this visit, I suppose?!) The first hat, in the same contrasting periwinkle blue and aqua green as is used on the Queen’s coat, features a silk covered crown and straw brim (blue on the underside and aqua on top. The upturned brim of the piece is trimmed with a stripe of aqua silk around the brim and a spray of peacock feathers on the side.

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While the base shape of this hat follows the same flat crown shape of several other Angela Kelly designs, it is completely transformed by a two-colour sash placed diagonally over the right side of the crown. This simple detail radically changes the shape of the hat, adding softness, dimension and height to a style which lacks these things. The end result is an interesting piece with wonderful contrast that looks marvellous on the Queen (even more marvellous without her coat)

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The second hat followed the form of a cloche. The crown of the hat was made of a textured, woven straw while the brim was plain, making the crown appear as it it was covered in ruffles. A silk carnation adorned the side of the hat along with red-tipped feathers which coordinated with the red treads in Her Majesty’s coat. Worn for an outdoor reception, the white ensemble made Queen Elizabeth stand out in the garden. The unusual texture of this piece intrigues me and the wonderful red feathers tip me toward liking it. You can see a full length photo of the Queen here.
Queen Elizabeth, June 25, 2015 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats
Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: This hat is new
It is not often that we get two new hats from Queen Elizabeth in a single day. What do you think of this blue and white pair?
Photos from Jens Kalaene/dpa via Corbis; and Getty as indicated

20 thoughts on “Third Day of British Royal Visit to Germany

  1. Her majesty looks bright and beautiful in all she wears. I love these outfits on her, and the hats are perfect!

  2. If one just plucked off those peacock feathers,the blue and aqua hat would be perfect. Fortunately the peacock feathers don’t show in many of the photographs. I think the hat looks fantastic both with the coat (from the waist up) and especially with the dress (which only has been photographed from the waist up, although the fit of the neck is off once again on the dress). I love the sash over the hat’s crown, the aqua bumper and the see-through brim. Spectacular outfit! This is a really good hat shape.
    The white hat I actually like slightly less well, even though I’m intrigued by the fabric in the coat and dress. The red-tipped feathers are wonderful, although I could live without the white carnation, especially with the highly textured crown. Since the carnation is the same color as most of the hat, though, it doesn’t bother me much. Although I too have read that this is an RTM hat, I have my doubts. It will be interesting to learn who the designer actually was.
    All in all, it was a wonderful hat day for the Queen, who sparkled in all photographs.

  3. Don’t really like the white hat but it’s good that she’s trying different shapes I guess.

    The blue hat is wonderful. It’s great how the sash adds some movement. The feathers are rather weird and big but they’re not really bothering me. And is it me or did she wear a hat in the same color combination just a few days ago?

    I never realized how many great brooches our queen has! She must have a huuuuge collection of them.

  4. I agree with everything you say about the blue hat regarding the diagonal trim. The peacock feather seems out of place though. And just sticking up like that? No. If it had been laid against the diagonal trim, following that line, perhaps it would have worked better. I’m not sure about the white hat. While I like the texture, the crown seems a bit too bulbous. The trim also seems off somehow. I’ve seen reports that this is Rachel Trevor Morgan’s work but it doesn’t seem up to her usual high standard so I think it must not be.

    • Hmmm…. RTM has not confirmed this as her design (something she is quick to do usually) and the shape is the very same as numerous other Angela Kelly hats. And, dare I say, the placement of that feather trim does not seem up to RTM standards.

  5. So homemade looking again. I like the brim on the blue hat. Coat horrible as always.the hat does seem better with the dress. The white looks squashed on her head. Red things on the white so childish.
    The best thing is her smile. Three cheers for the Queen.

  6. This blue and aqua hat is beyond superb and it is my favorite hat of this tour! I even love the peacock feathers, especially since we never see them on any of HM’s hats! The white one is fantastic too, and the red and white feather detailing is stunning; my only complaint is the crown seems a bit high, but otherwise two very, very successful appearances!

  7. Hat queen, I think the Queens style is constantly evolving, even since 2000 – where she was still wearing Bretons, brimless hats and then moving on to straw picture hats about 2002/2003/2004 and from there to the hourglass and larger stovepipe hats. About 2010 onwards she moved back to picture hats, the oblique brims, tear shaped hats and the wrap around cloche style hats and the cloche could be a new style for her to move on to. There is obviously a lot of overlap as she refuses through the years. It may be an idea for a feature to show the Queens full millinery history from childhood, to teenage, calots and casques of the 1950s, pillboxes and petal hats, spaghetti style hats, large hombergs of the 1960s, upturned brims, brimless hats and “Tam-O-Shanters” of the 1970s, and the large diversity of picture hats, brimless hats, etc from the 1980s/90s on to the present day? You have done similar for Princess Beatrix and I’m sure many readers would enjoy reading through it.

  8. This morning I happened to see the white hat first and I fell completely in love with it. I just think it’s gorgeous, maybe because I am such a texture person, but the shape and the simplicity of design are such a welcome change. I really like the red threads through the coat and think the red hat trim is so complimentary. I like the white trend very much, so clean looking and I think the whole look is greatly enhanced by the lack of buttons on the coat which sometimes spoil the party. I’ll never tire of a little fringing when used carefully and I’d have to say that I’m with JamesB; it’s fun, flirty, unexpected and delicate and I like it very much.
    I’m not feeling so much love for the blue, but like Hat Queen, when I first saw it, thought that it stood up better with the dress only. Bit too much shiny shiny material for my liking otherwise!! Not a fan of the peacock feathers either to be honest. Just don’t think they go at all.

    P.S. Who made the white hat HQ, do you know? Thanks.

  9. I love the white hat because it’s a modified cloche, and it’s something new. It looks nice with her dress. The blue, not so much, although I do agree that it is much better without the coat.

    • I really love it when the Queen wears blue it’s such a nice colour on her. She looks amazing with both hats.

  10. She’s going for some new shapes this trip isn’t she! Still trying new things at 89, that you’ve got to be on board with.

    The blue and turquoise is a winner – almost. The use of the colours and the diagonal trim is inspired, and you’re right, this is one hat that looks far better without the coat. It’s just that damned feather! Overtrimmed once more, but it’s not even done well, its at a 90 degree angle. I’ve got visions AK was chasing HM down the corridor to thrust this into the hat in the equivalent of a drive by raid. No other explanation. I predict we’ll see this hat return, sans plume.

    The white is also different. I like it a lot, a very delicate and somewhat unexpected look. I think I’d like the crown better in flat straw, as there’s a lot of texture with the fabulous coat too, but what the hell, it’s fun and flirty, and perfect for an English garden party.

  11. I quite like the white hat. Summery and looks great on her – nice to see a different shape hat on her. The Blue one is nice with it’s sashes but I sure would have left the peacock feathers off – they are too big (or something) – I think the addition of the peacock feathers makes it look like a child got hold of a nice hat and added their fav. feathers to it and ask HM to wear it for them – hopefully those feathers will be removed the next time she wears this one.

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