This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Máxima wore one of her open topped headpieces to the Family Business Awards in The Hague on Wednesday. This piece is lovely with her sorbet hued dress. (PPE)

Crown Prince Frederik looked very handsome in his full naval dress uniform at a ceremony heralding the start of Danish army and navy special units under joint command (Nordjyske)

Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco looked boho-chic in a natural straw fedora while watching her daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, compete in the Longines Global Champions Tour of Monaco (Getty)

Queen Sonja in a handsome navy rain hat to open the first section of the Bo Outdoor Sculpture Gallery Artscape Nordland (Royal House of Norway). She opened another section of the gallery in Træna in a turquoise rain hat  (Bannett Norway)

Queen Anne-Marie in a relaxed Panama hat during the Spetses Classic Yacht Race Regatta (Svenskdam)

Queen Mathilde repeated her silk floral circlet headpiece today on the last day of her and King Philippe’s visit to China

Queen Mathilde, June 27, 2015

Royal Hats

A wonderful new formal portrait of the Luxembourg royal family was released this week (Luxarazzi)

Ever wonder what a Garden Party in Luxembourg looks like? This gallery will show you! (Wort via Luxarazzi)

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I enjoyed This Week’s Extras, especially Princess Caroline looking so chic in her straw fedora. Royal news and the links to the Lux royals was jammed packed with hats, tiaras and other jewels. Wasn’t that a feast for the eyes?

  2. Well done HatQueen for your comprehensive coverage of Royal events! Queen Máxima’s dress is so good, but I just can’t develop any affection for her open-topped hats. If this hat had a top on it, is would be a winner I think, as it looks unfinished in its present condition. Crown Prince Frederik is a handsome devil and suits a uniform and hat well. Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco looked very good in her fedora. She should wear hats more often as they suit her very well. Queen Sonja works a rain hat very well. Queen Anne-Marie’s panama hat looks striking. Queen Mathilde’s silk floral circlet headpiece is alright but doesn’t excite me, but I would love to own that dress. It was good to see the Luxembourg Royals in their finery this week especially their marvelous tiaras and a few great new hats! Luxembourg are the winners this week among the Royals!

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