This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth spent her annual week in Scotland this week in residence at Holyrood Palace. While photos of her engagements have been scarce, the four hats she wore were as follows:

Tuesday:  Arrival in her pink and green hat by Angela Kelly (British Monarchy)

Wednesday: A lavender Angela Kelly hat to host a garden party at her official Scottish residence. The Princess Royal and Earl of Wessex were also in attendance (British Monarchy)

ThursdayOne of my favourite pink Rachel Trevor Morgan hats on a visit to the Scottish Veterans’ Garden City Association’s new housing development for disabled veterans (British Monarchy)

Queen Elizabeth, July 2, 2015 in Rachel Trevor Morgan

Friday:  Angela Kelly’s white textured straw hat with periwinkle blue trim for a visit to the University of Strathclyde and the South Glasgow University Hospital & Royal Hospital for Sick Children (British Monarchy)

Princess Kiko wore a demure white bowler hat at the Rice Planting Festival in Kagawa (Imperial Family of Japan Blog)

Queen Silvia in a black feathered calot hat for the funeral of her and the King’s friend Magnus Härenstam (Aftonbladet)

Royal Hats

Great video from the King of Tonga’s coronation this week. The Crown Prince and Princess of Japan attended and Masko looked fantastic (The Royal Correspondent)

Snippets from an interview with Prince Albert of Monaco this week, reflecting on his 10 year reign (Monaco Reporter). On a less serious note, he was witness at a scuba wedding this week (La Repubblica)

Stay tuned later today for a look at the lovely hats worn at Princess Charlotte’s christening!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I enjoyed This Week’s Extras, especially Queen Elizabeth looking so well in Scotland. The Thursday hat was the winning hat. I love the shape and trim and the pink is just right on her.

    I loved the video from the Tongan coronation. I’ve never heard of a scuba wedding before!

  2. The Queens’s hats the last few weeks look like the flowers, etc. have been plucked from the very bottom of a notions box and stuck on her hats. In other words, the decorations look cheap.

  3. The Queen looks so nice in the hat she wore on Thursday. The deep pink….if I have the days correct. The coat could be better without the frill running along the closure. like the swan brooch. Pretty.

  4. She also rocked a fuchsia pink from last year’s Ascot yesterday too. As well as the one today’s Christening – all these hats have done Ascot duty so she was clearly in that mood.

    I know this is a bit cheeky, but I like being able to see when a hat was last worn. Is there any chance with the round ups that you could link to the last airing when it’s a repeat. Alternatively just tell me to shut up, seeing as how you work so hard on this blog! 😉

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