The Difference of A Few Feathers

Royal Hats  Over at the poll for Readers’ Favourite 2015 Royal Ascot Hat, one of the Countess of Wessex’s hats has taken a commanding lead. When we saw Sophie in this hat last week, several of you realized that it had undergone a slight remodel from the way it looked during its first appearance, also at Ascot, in 2012. A number of readers have requested side-by-side shots to compare the two hats. Here they are:

The Countess of Wessex in a hat by Jane Taylor, June 20, 2012 and June 18, 2015

In the end, it’s simply the difference of a few feathers. Interestingly, the difference makes a significant change to the overall look of the hat. I like the original hat with the lovely, curling feathers. Which version of this hat do you prefer?

Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “The Difference of A Few Feathers

  1. I prefer the first hat over the second; however, I think the second looks best with what dress she is wearing. The hand-knit bordering on the dress appears best with the hat she is wearing; the severity of the straight lines of the feathers, in my opinion, would not have looked as nice. Sophie, as well as her husband look better than they ever did, and it is wonderful to see!

  2. Like the others I much prefer the first hat for its simplicity. But, with the second hat, I love the reflections of light and/or shadows on her face and dress since it was a sunny day. For me, it just added another dimension to her outfit. She has become a very stunning woman.

    • I agree totally. While the first hat is better, the reflections shown in the second photograph are what really intrigued me and caused me to notice this hat seriously. The hat’s shadows onto the dress are fabulous, although had the Countess stuck to the first hat, it might have been better.

  3. I’m often in the “more is not enough” camp, but I really like the 2012 version better on Sophie. The new version is okay, but the first is more elegant.

  4. I much prefer the first version, although it’s not so much because of the difference in feathers as the absence of that ball of netting which to me doesn’t add anything. I do wonder why it’s been retrimmed – there doesn’t seem any particular reason 9such as making it match something new), so perhaps the original trim went limp!

  5. I love this hat – absolutely love it. It’s just so glamorous and My Fair Lady-ish. But I don’t get why the feathers were re-done, just seems pointless. And I’d have liked a bit more of a change up on the frock too, they’re quite similar. But my silly quibbles aside, Sophie looks utterly stunning both ways. When you think how she started out, I think Sophie has a transformation unlike anyone else I can name…

  6. I really like both versions. Sophie can really wear a hat well. I think her hair style is a big asset. Certainly she is fearless when it comes to a large hat.

  7. The first one is more conventional, the second one is more fun. The angles of the pictures shows the hat so differently. Wish the angle of the pictures were not so different. It’s a

    choice between elegant or fun rather than the change in the hat. Her outfit for the change overall is nicer than the original.

  8. I agree with Hat Queen- the original is a bit more elegant. Next to it, the replacement embellishment looks tacked on at the last minute. Perhaps he originals were damaged and this is what happened…

  9. this years feathers and fluff were a big improvement. Adding some white to the hat helped make it more cheerful. It helped that her dress this year was so lovely and flattering. She looked like she was happy and that makes all the difference

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