Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Visit East London

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Barking and Dagenham today to mark the 50th anniversary of the local council. For this visit, which included stops  at a health community centre, leisure centre, and a community theatre, the Queen repeated one of the hats she first wore at Ascot in 2014. Another design by Rachel Trevor Morgan trimmed with handmade feather flowers, this piece in sky blue straw features a stepped crown and upturned, asymmetrical brim. For me, the highlight is the trim – the dark shading on the flowers and navy edging on the straw side bow gives such dimension and depth to the piece.  I have been long hoping to see this hat again and its outing today did not disappoint.

Queen Elizabeth, July 16, 2015 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

The Queen also did something she rarely does and removed her coat during today’s engagements, providing us a look at the hat with her dress.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 19, 2014
What do you think of this blue hat on Her Majesty today?
Photos from Getty as indicated and James Whatling/Splash News via Corbis

24 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Visit East London

  1. The Queen always looks good in blue. This is a splendid hat. I don’t like the collarless coat with its huge pockets. I haven’t seen this brooch before, and I don’t like it, but then I am not an opal fan. The dress looks dated, and the seams obviously don’t match up. It’s time the Queen ditched those floral dresses.

  2. Beautiful hat – a total standard though. The oft repeated blue hat from Canada 2010 is this ones twin. But this is a stunner, and she looks great. And we often see the frock without the coat, it happened a couple of times in Germany – but the brooch – that always magically remains!

  3. The hat is most attractive. It seems that, apart from the “peach basket” shape the Queen wore last week, this style of hat is the one with which she is most comfortable these days. Both the Queen and Prince Philip are amazing!!

  4. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with her coat removed. I liked seeing that her hat trim matched the flowers on her dress. The shape of this hat suits the Queen, but wonder if she ever will wear a different style of hat, say a hat not as big as Camilla’s hat style but along the same lines. I think she would look spectacular in a style like that. While she always looks elegant in her clothing, I would like to see her with more collared coats like her yellow one she wore on her last day of the Germany visit. The collar seems to finish a coat.

  5. Love the hat (altho’ would love it more with the green stalk trimmed off, looks odd sticking out there behind the bow and flowers), love seeing it with the dress and I’m with Chuck – the brooch is interesting because it’s not worn often (at all?), features opals and is hefty, but it’s not fantabulosa like so many of her brooches. Looks like a fun outing.

  6. Great selection of pictures. Yes, it is so nice to see the dress alone with the hat. I suspect that when hats are developed, much attention is paid to how they go with the dress material alone (when it’s different from the coat material), but so infrequently do we out here in commoner-land get to see the combination.
    This is a fabulous outfit, but the hat’s the star. I daresay that this outfit would have served nicely for the arrival outfit in Germany last month!

    • One more point, although not on the hat, which looks perfect from behind. I just saw a photo of the dress from behind. Oddly, the center seam divides the flowers haphazardly. This could have been avoided with more careful planning and cutting. On a pattern like this one can’t necessarily match the side seams, but to mis-match the back is just sloppy workmanship.

      • The back of the dress is cut in 4 panels. I don’t think matching is realistic for this cut of dress and I don’t think it’s fair to call it sloppy workmanship.

      • Snug Harbor, I do have to agree with you on the back of the dress. Being someone who does a lot of sewing and matches plaids and stripes together and went to many schools for fashion design and sewing ………this is not a well made dress for HM at all. The person who made the dress should of realized that more material was needed for the matching of the design of the fabric and didn’t.
        As for the hat and the color, perfect on HM, she looks so very happy and that smile again says it all.

  7. I like this hat very much, lovely colour and the shape of the crown is interesting. I must say, though, that the trim looks rather Kellyesque to me…

  8. Yes, this is a lovely outfit; and blue suits the queen very well. I love the hat–jaunty with any tendency toward severity in the line diminished by the flowery trim. (Somehow her pumps look a bit more graceful than her usuals, as well. So hard to be on one’s feet in nice shoes at times!)

  9. I wouldn’t have given the hat much of a look until I saw the dress. Perfect together. Makes me wonder if I would rethink my hat choices if I saw the dress under the coat. Not my favorite brooch by far

  10. Lovely colour for sure. So nice to see the dress. Likely getting warmer there. Everyone who posted likes the hat. I do wish she had softer lines on her hats. In The first picture the brim reminded me of wings. I do not dislike the hat but I do not love it either.
    So many of her hats are similar although this one does have more detail in the structure. Surely there are other styles our Queen would enjoy and look nice in.

    • This hat is as beautiful from the back as it is from the front. The back view really shows off the different levels on the crown.

      Thanks for including photos that show all angles of the hat!

  11. Throwing caution to the wind today! First, she wears a brooch with stones she rarely wears – opals. Not my fave but at least something different and interesting. Second, she takes off her coat! Clear where the inspiration for the hat trim came from. And, God love her, she moved the brooch from the coat to the dress. The hat? Superb!

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