Mikassa Princess Visits Yamagata

Princess Akiko of Mikasa visited Yamagata Prefecture late last week where one of her engagements included presenting awards at the Japanese Chess Championship in Tendo City. For this event, she wore a pale pink cloche hat that looks to be trimmed with a bow on the side. We have not seen Princess Akiko in a cloche shape before and while I don’t think it is the best shape for her, I’m thrilled to see any hint of millinery experimentation in the Imperial family.

Princess Akiko, August 5, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I suspect this is a new hat

Photo from Yamagata News 

6 thoughts on “Mikassa Princess Visits Yamagata

  1. i wonder if there’s been some turnover within the Imperial Household Agency, or at least the portion that handles wardrobe. There’s been tremendous improvement in the hats of princesses lately! This cloche isn’t the absolute best fit for her, but I’ve never seen proportions this good on the Mikasa princess before.

  2. I like cloche hats, especially the ones Queen Silvia of Sweden wears, and I do like Princess Akiko of Mikasa’s hat, but I feel it is a bit too low on her face. The pale pink color of her hat and outfit is very flattering on her.

  3. HatQueen – I am rather new to following royal hats and clothing and am fascinated by the very restrictive court dress code that the Japanese Imperial family must follow. Could you provide a source of more detailed information about this? For example, is it written down? Who is actually making the decisions? I’ve looked around the internet with no luck. Thanks.

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