This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived at Balmoral last weekend to begin their annual Scottish summer vacation (Daily Mail). The Queen wore a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat for her arrival and  her cream straw hat with lattice brim for Sunday Service at Crathie Kirk (The Press & Journal).

Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies was her usually colourful self this week in Saint-Tropez (Svenskdam)

Infanta Elena at a bullfight in  – you guessed it – her light straw Panama hat (Hola)

Royal Hats

Shock waves from Romania as King Michael strips Prince Nicholas of his title and place in succession (Telegraph). Sentiments toward the young man seem to have changed dramatically since Crown Princess Margarita wrote kindly about him in this chapter of his book, The Road Home.

Two interesting articles Princess Anne here and here released for her 65th birthday today (Macleans & The Telegraph)


5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. This Week’s Extras was a very good read, as usual. I loved the articles about Princess Anne, and the green coat and trilby in the second link. I hope we see her wear this again. Queen Elizabeth wore two lovely outfits and hats in Scotland. Princess Camilla’s pink hat and outfit were a bit too bright for my liking. I liked Infanta Elena’s hat. I was amazed that Romanian King Michael stripped Prince Nicholas of his title and place in succession; however, maybe there are things we don’t know and seeing as how it is a Republic, I doubt he will lose too much sleep over it.

  2. You can see a better view of the hat the Queen wore to church last Sunday in this photo, taken during a previous outing in 2007.

    Embed from Getty Images

    • Very beautiful, and the color is quite a nice departure from so much pink and blue.
      I wish the queen much deserved relaxation and rest in lovely Scotland.

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