Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Attend Eventing Championship

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended the Longines Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) European Eventing Championships on Sunday at Blair Castle in Scotland. While shareable photos of the event are scarce, you can see below that she repeated a cream felt hat with rounded crown and upturned brim. The hat (seen well over at this Daily Mail post) is trimmed with grey feathered flowers nestled at the base of the crown. It’s a simple hat on its own but one that perfectly balances Her Majesty’s checked coat and dress.

Queen Elizabeth, September 13, 2015 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan 
Previously Worn: January 13, 2013; April 15, 2011
After just two outings in the past four years, I was so pleased to see this hat again. What do you think of this more traditionally shaped piece?

16 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Attend Eventing Championship

  1. The Queen looks the perfection of British country style with this hat, coat and dress. I like the hat and blue jacket in the photo that Snug Harbour provided as well. This shape of hat, and the little feathered flowers made by RTM, are highly flattering to the Queen.

  2. I do wish she would bring this outfit out of the closet more often! This shape is fantastic for HM, and definitely not utilized enough with her hats. My only complaint is I don’t like the white feathers in the hat trim because they disappear in the white hat (especially with the upturned brim); I think if they were all grey, it would be even better!

  3. Sorry James, I think we were both referring to the informality of the event, not the outfit. Perhaps the word ‘unofficial’ would have been more appropriate! I agree that these were not what Her Majesty, or anyone would refer to as informal clothes.

  4. Yes yes yes!! I LOVE this whole ensemble on Her Majesty. So classic and so The Queen. I am a serious fan of this coat, classic houndstooth, cream contrast, simple black buttons, winner. The hat had to be less busy due to the patterned coat so good combo all round. Lovely.

  5. I like the houndstooth pattern, although with both the dress and the coat in the same rather loud fabric, the outfit is indeed busy. The coat actually looks best from the back. Pattern is beautifully matched.
    Sunday’s hat reminds me of this other RTM hat:

    Unfortunately both hats make me think of a carnival game where one is supposed to throw something from a distance into a ring. The decorations along the bottom of the crown look as though they’ve been thrown in and could just roll around, unable to escape the hat because of the steep angle of the brim. I wish, therefore, that either the brim were flatter or the decorations were left off.

  6. I think the Queen looks fabulous in this outfit and hat. I like the grey houndstooth pattern over the white background. The hat is simple, but raised to the next level by those gray flowers. Rachel Trevor Morgan makes the best hats for the Queen.

  7. I hoped you’d cover this. I just love this whole look, it’s so chic and she looks amazing. The hat is balanced, the coat is fabulous. Why this isn’t in the regular rotation I’ve no idea, it should certainly be replacing the blue with the Fergie now!

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