Swedish Royals Attend Opening Of Parliament

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden were joined by their children this morning for the Opening of Parliament. The day’s events began with an interdenominational service at the Church of St. Nicholas which was followed by the opening ceremony of the new Swedish parliamentary session held at the Riksdagen in Stockholm. In keeping with tradition, the royal family adhered to a black and white dress code. Queen Silvia wore the white felt calot hat with small feather trim at the back that we first saw her wear earlier this year for Swedish National Day celebrations.

Designer: unknown. My guess is Kerstin Carlefalk. 
Previously Worn: June 8, 2015

Princess Victoria wore a headpiece of overlayed black and white butterflies of different sizes. At first glance, I thought it was a repeat of the headpiece she wore to this same event one year ago ( a similar stacked black and white bow) but this one, while equally twee, is different.

Crown Princess VIctoria, September 15, 2015 in Malinda Damgaard | Royal Hats

Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: Malinda Damgaard
Previously Worn: I believe this headpiece is new. 

Princess Madeleine, who popped over from her new home in London for the event, wore a felt percher cocktail hat trimmed in black feathers and a large silk bloom. We have not seen Madeleine wear a hat for a long time and I thought this piece looked very sophisticated on her and worked wonderfully with her upswept hair. 

 Princess Madeleine, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats  Princess Madeleine, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Madeleine, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed. Maybe Philip Treacy?
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Sofia anchored her chignon with another black fascinator made up of straw leaves and curling feathers. Sofia wears the piece well and I suppose, is taking a gentle approach to building her millinery wardrobe. Hopefully, we’ll see her in a brimmed hat, soon.

Princess Sofia, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats  Princess Sofia, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This piece is new
The black and white dress code at this event creates elegantly unified fashion for the Swedish royals. My favourite hat, by great surprise, was the one worn by Princess Madeleine. Which one was your favourite?
Photos from Getty as indicated; David Sica via Expressen; Stella Pictures;  All Over Press; IBL; Olle Sporrong and Stella/ Robert Eklund via Expressen 

26 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Attend Opening Of Parliament

  1. Princess Madeleine looks gorgeous – beautiful updo, interesting hat that was placed at an interesting angle. Very elegant, beautiful and chic. What a great comeback after the birth of her second child. Can’t wait to see her at Nobel gala.

    Liked the way Madeleine and Sofia and Victoria had similar colors. M & S white jacket with black details and Victoria black with white contrasts.

    Victoria should soften her hairstyle. She has angular jawline and she could soften it up with suitable hairstyles. Right now it seems she’s afraid to show her beauty.

  2. Sophia’s overall look is very appropriate, well-put together, and pretty – not too youthful, but not too old for her age – she’s my first choice. (Victoria take note of how her hair is not so severe!) Victoria’s suit is striking, the headpiece okay with it, and it was so nice to see her hair not so severely pulled back on her head! Madeleine’s beauty shines through but her outfit was all wrong – with the flounce on the too-short skirt and the bow at the neck…I thought the hat very pretty, but not with the suit (what WAS that strip across her back!) it was all just too much; she has beautiful hair but too long for the twist AND the hat perched on top of it. Queen Silvia always looks beautiful and regal.

  3. I liked Princess Madeleine’s hat the best. The fascinators and bows are just ok. The calot is lovely and predictable.
    It was interesting to see Maddie’s hat in profile. Front on, it looks like a saucer but it has a lot of height in the back.

  4. Hm, all I really want is proper hats… That means Sofia and Victorian don’t cut it. Silvia’s is a perfect Silvia hat (which is not a bad thing at all). Madeleine’s is the only nice surprise! Very elegant.

  5. I wonder if CP Victoria is having another girl? She’s got bows/ butterflies in her hair, butterflies on top of her pearls and a bow on her jacket.

    However still like madeline”s hat and dress. Besides the queen ”s hat, I really don’t cosider the others as hats…

  6. I agree that Princess Madeleine wins: the hat and her upswept hair are fabulous. The hat is far forward but otherwise it wouldn’t have fit over the hair, I’m afraid.
    I am puzzled by that black thing in the middle of back of Princess Madeleine’s jacket. It looks like something stuck on by mistake. (The back of Princess Sofia’s jacket, on the other hand, is elegant.)

    • Thank you for pointing out that odd little black strip of fabric in the middle of Princess Madeleine’s jacket SH. I didn’t notice this before. It just looks weird. Otherwise I like all else she has on.

    • Thanks for these photographs Scout. The Queen’s velvet cape is breathtaking. I love her clutch also. The Crown Princess’s dress is good, though I prefer the similar dress she has worn that is floor-length over this one. I like her clutch. I am confused by the high belt over Princess Sofia’s chest and the very long cape sleeves look like a costume Batgirl wore. Her shoes are more suited to daywear.

  7. I agree that Madeleine won the hattery stakes with this event. A great cocktail hat, although I wish we could see more of the detailing. Sofia is slowly working her way into hats, and I think she looked lovely here; give her time and a few mistakes to find a great one. I like that Silvia went with a white hat instead of black, but again, the style was predictable. Finally, my least favorite was Victoria’s; I found it a bit odd, and I never like it when she goes for these headpieces you can only see when looking at the back of her head.

  8. Madeleine looks fabulous, and that hat is lovely. Victoria’s headpiece is quite fun, but I wish she would soften her hair a bit. And Sofia could do with switching it up a bit, I feel she’s overdoing the conservative look, and this headpiece will excite, nor upset nobody, but I’d love to see something a bit more interesting. Silvia looks regal, but that’s a given!

  9. I really love the black and white colour scheme. It’s so incredibly elegant. I think Madeleine looks fantastic. I agree that Queen Silvia looks like a woman of great poise, strength and character. What a role model she is for her daughters and daughter-in-law! Sofia is gradually and deliberately finding her own style. I think she looks wonderful. As for dear Victoria, let’s remember that she is pregnant and at that difficult stage when clothes don’t alwyas fit as she might like them to do. Her hat doesn’t bother me. She looks healthy and happy, and, even though this is a hat blog, I can’t find fault with her choice of headwear. After all, Estelle is the Princess of Bows…..

  10. Princess Madeleine looked so chic! I think she has the best hair and really knows how to style it accordingly.

    Queen Silvia’s hat is lovely.

    • The old Swedish court dress was black for men and a long black dress with black and white lattice puff sleeves for women. When the stopped wearing the long court dress some 50 years ago the dress code went all black. It has only been recently that white has been added in jackets or details.

  11. My favourite hat was also the one worn by Princess Madeleine, and her upswept hairstyle worked perfectly with the hat, and her outfit was also the best one. My second favourite look was Princess Sofia’s elegant chignon with a black fascinator, and a chic suit. My third favourite look was Queen Silvia’s calot, which worked so well with her hairstyle, and her simple black suit, and stunning earrings. The look I liked least was Crown Princess Victoria’s headpiece of overlayed black and white bows, which I think was too twee for a lady of her age and status, and I didn’t like the gaping jacket on the suit. Even the striped hair bow nestled in her chignon featured in your link, was an improvement on the current bow on bow thing she has going on!

  12. I really like Princess Sofia’s piece. I like the understated approach as she begins her new life. This is off the topic of hats, but I was quite taken with the first photo of Queen Silvia. We are having a controversy in the United States over another candidate’s making a negative comment about Carly Fiorino’s face – it is the face of a 61-year old, not a 25-year old. When I saw the photo of the Queen, I thought admiringly, “THIS is the face of another woman of character, of strength.” Beautiful!

  13. I didn’t like how far forward Princess Madeleine’s hat was, it just seemed a little awkward to me.

    I’ve really loved Princess Sofia’s style since the wedding, she’s been really on point. So I’m excited to see how it develops. And of course excited to see how Victoria styles her bump as she gets bigger!!

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