One Tweed Coat, Two Hats

Royal HatsThis time of year can be tricky for royal hat wearers. Straw hats in light colours are too summery but it’s a tinge early (and warm!) to bring out one’s winter wardrobe. One of the ways Queen Elizabeth navigates this change of season is by commissioning multiple hats to coordinate with outfits that move well between seasons. Such is the case with this dress and coat in finely woven burgundy tweed. Rachel Trevor Morgan has made two hats for it- a wintery one in rich claret felt with a stacked crown and feather flower trim, and a summer cloche in textured straw trimmed with silk flowers. The influence of each hat is astonishing, as each transforms the ensemble and gives it a completely different seasonal feel. I’m curious, dear readers, which hat do you prefer with this coat?

Look 1: A burgundy felt hat with stacked brim and feather trim worn on a visit to a New Zealand tourism exhibition in London, November 25, 2008

Look 2: A textured straw oversize cloche with silk flower trim worn to open the planetarium and education centre at the Royal Observatory National Maritime Museum on May 22, 2007

Here are the two hats for side-by-side comparison: 

Queen Elizabeth, December 25, 2006 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats   Queen Elizabeth, April 8, 2007 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth on Christmas Day, Decemeber 25, 2006 and Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007

14 thoughts on “One Tweed Coat, Two Hats

  1. That summer tea cosy must be up there for me as HM’s worst hat in many a year. It’s just so… Strange. I’m not actually crazy on the outfit in total either, not sure why, I think I just find the colours a bit drab.

  2. Her Majesty is resplendent in the stately winter hat! Unfortunately, the other seems a bit too whimsical and flimsy.

  3. I prefer the winter hat because overall it is more flattering for HM, but I do like the summer hat too. My problem is the coat itself; I don’t think it ties in well with either of these hats as the colors of the coat are much too light for the bold burgundy of the hats. A coat with more of the burgundy in it would make a world of difference, and I personally would like to see both of these hats make another appearance.

  4. This always has been one of my favorite coats that the Queen has worn for almost 10 years now. It’s a beautiful color, bold but not bright, with visible but restrained trim. I also like the matching dress, although I’ve never been sure whether the trim lines on the dress actually are identical to those on the coat or merely are the same colors:

    Having said all that, I must admit that I’ve never particularly liked either hat, although the winter version is a considerably more attractive hat, just a little too dark in color for the trim. The summer straw, while playing up the trim better, has a bit of the decorative lampshade look.

  5. Not often do I actually dislike one of HM’s hats, but this is one of those times.
    I don’t care for the summer hat at all; it belongs on a table with a plant stuck in it, where the winter dark hat is very regal, and much nicer.
    HatQueen, I DO wish the queen would hurry back to work; it’s been too long since you’ve featured the true QUEEN of hats. I’d like to see a blog on the more relaxed, casual, country side of your beautiful monarch. You gotta love those tweeds!

    • The problem is that the relaxed, casual, country side of the Queen is also her private side. She usually returns to London in early October so it’s not long before we see her out and about again!

  6. I cast another vote for the felt hat. Back in the 60’s my older sister, who was studying to be a Home Economics teacher, took a course in hat making, and one of her creations really reminds me of the summer hat. No disrespect to my talented sister, but it was not her finest hour.

  7. I prefer the darker one as well. The second hat is still very nice but has quite a lot of texture going on as well as decoration. The style borrows from the 1960/1970’s.

  8. I prefer the darker one only because I think the flowers on the straw hat are a bit too over-whelming for the over-all outfit — I would call this shade of coat mulberry or mauve and not burgundy – but then that’s often just a difference of where one lives what shades are called.

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