Dutch Monarchs Remember Mining Past

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were Kerkrade today to commemorate 50 years since the closing of mines in this region. For this visit, Queen Máxima repeated a small fascinator of black silk rosettes, ecru feathers and a small black birdcage net tulle veil. It has been several years since she last wore this piece and I thought its pairing today with her high necked dress, flowing hairstyle and black accessories worked very well. Fascinators get a bad wrap (and do not find much popularity among readership here!) but this interesting piece addeds a wonderful final touch to Máxima’s ensemble. In the end, that’s a millinery job well done.

17 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Remember Mining Past

  1. I have a queztion for Hat queen or any expert hat wearers…

    For hats/fasinators with the netting. Should it be longer to at least cover the wearer’s eyes?


  2. I have no problem with fascinators. They can look really great when done well. Here the overall look makes it a winner. But the fascinator itself… I don’t know. There’s something I don’t quite like. It could be the feathers sticking out (like horns, as LadyLou mentioned). Or maybe it’s just that there seems to be too much going on.

  3. The Queen looks so pretty with her hair down; The style is youthful and becoming to her. I do not think she should wear her hair like this often; it is much too casual for her position as Queen. She is beautiful and sofisticated with her hair back at the nape of her neck!

  4. The long hair, the high collar, and the poofy hat made for one hot mess in my mind. There is not one thing I like about this and I think her look is most unfortunate.

  5. Máxima is so gorgeous! I love this whole ensemble and can’t find anything even minutely wrong to complain about! This fascinator was a fantastic choice and looks great, and her informal hairstyle softens her whole look so it’s not too somber. Definitely one of her best outings of 2015!

    • Jake, I agree with you totally. What I DON’T get, and probably never will, are the brown shoes with the grey suit in the 2nd picture. John T. Molloy must be rolling in his grave, if he’s dead, of course. My son thinks that I’m Squaresville, and he wears brown shoes, perhaps to spite me.

  6. I hate most fascinators with a passion! However, this one is not so bad, but you still won’t see me wearing it! This is at least larger, and more detailed, so more like a hat, but as Hat Queen stated, “Fascinators get a bad wrap” and mostly so they should!

  7. I like the overall effect very much, and I like the fascinator. But the combination of the informal hair and the fascinator make me wonder if it’s a good look for this formal occasion marking the closure of mines! Perhaps another hat on this particular occasion.

  8. Hat Queen, I do apologize for my earlier comment since I confused my right from my left while talking about Queen Maxima’s hair style.

  9. I love fascinators for being bold or, in a few cases, very demure, and Queen Maxima always excites me with her flamboyant, yet tasteful style. Love her fascinator with the little veil but I wish she had softly pulled the left side of her hair over to the side like it was on the right. But, even without that, she looks lovely – as usual.

  10. I love a good fascinator, Hat Queen! They’re quite popular here, in America, among the younger ladies in my church organization, the Church of God in Christ! Love the resurgence of veils, too. What was old is new again!

  11. The Queen seems to have new makeup and looks happy. The dress is so suited to her but the hat is not quite right, maybe a small hat with a brim covering her head more would have worked. Overall it is nice to see a quieter look than some of the earlier massive highly coloured ensembles .
    The one picture where she is holding the flowers in the front almost looks bridal with the exception of the fact it is black.
    Nice to see the change. Hope this style continues.

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