Belgian Monarchs Begin State Visit To Poland

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium arrived in Poland today for the start of a state visit. Their first engagement was an official welcome at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw by Polish President Andrzej Duda and First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda. As she often does on such high profile events, Queen Mathilde wore a new hat. In claret felt, the open crowned piece featured a wide brim that folded up on one side and was balanced by a pleat on the lower side. Looking closely at this piece, the shape very closely matches Queen Maxima’s purple hat (voted reader’s favourite in 2014), minus the crown. While I have become more accepting of open crowned hats in straw for summertime wear, this style in winter felt makes less sense. With a crown, I think this piece would be much improved.

 Belgian state visit to Poland, October 13, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. 
Previously Worn: While Queen Mathilde has a similar hat in red, this hat is new
Photos from Getty as indicated and Krystian Dobuszynski/NurPhoto/Corbis

25 thoughts on “Belgian Monarchs Begin State Visit To Poland

  1. You are absolutely correct, Hat Queen! This hat would be perfect! The dress and the hat bow are wonderful, just the same.

  2. I agree that if this hat had a top it would be much better. I really like the coat and I think it would look better with a full hat.

  3. The open crown adds nothing at all, and makes what would be an elegant hat look merely clunky. I’m not usually so negative about any hat, but this is such a waste!

  4. The First Ladys outfit is certainly the best of the two, I really dont see the point of brims on their own like this, even light straw ones in summer seem very odd.

  5. Don’t like the open crown (I thought I was looking at a feather trim at first … then read on) and the hat seems to be sitting too low on her forehead. I like the colour of it, though and had it been a full hat no doubt we’d be giving it the thumbs up. I like her coat, although would like to see it just a little longer. The three-quarter profile in one photo isn’t flattering however, so perhaps I’ll reserve judgement on the coat until (if) I see it again.

  6. Overall this is a terrible miss for Mathilde. The hat would look much better with a fully-enclosed crown, especially being a felt hat. I’m not loving her coat either, and I hate to say this, but she looked rather tired. Most unfortunate. The Polish first lady far outshone Mathilde this time.

  7. This usually elegantly dressed queen missed the mark with her open crowned hat. I think she looks tired in the first photo, and unusual for her, she doesn’t have that pretty smile on her face. Maybe the hat looks better with the dress underneath her printed coat. Feel like everything is a total miss here from one of the most elegant of royals.

  8. Mathilde looks ill,tired,sad.She is not her allways beautifull self.And it is not the hat only.Something is wrong with her.

  9. I am usually a big fan of Queen Mathilde but this is not a good look. Perhaps it would look ok with a crow,but I think the brim is too large for her face. I´m not going to comment on the coat as I have naming nice to say, First lady of Poland looked very elegant.

  10. I’m sure the rest of the queen’s outfit would have looked more coherent had her hat just had a crown–surprising how much difference it makes. Poland’s first lady looks totally elegant.

  11. The queen is usually very well dressed, but as others have already said this hat is not a success. The brim is a bit floppy, and the heavy colour and material does not pair well with crownlessness. Together with the coat this ensemble reminds me of Queen Margrethe´s the very colourfull raincoat and -hat. Not the best look to emulate, as Queen Mathilde looks best in more elegant and streamlined styles.

    • I like that Aline- crownlessness!! These wide brimmed uncrowned hats are ridiculous and should never have been created. They never look any good- the hair poking out the top is a complete disaster. Grrr.

  12. Aw that is a miss…way too much hair showing …odd choice. The coat would be nicer in a solid colour. The wife of the President appears sophisticated and pleasant in her outfit.

  13. The queen is always very elegant but this must have been an off day I am afraid, the open crown is not ok for a felt hat and the coat is too noisy

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