Queen Máxima Opens International Museum Conference

Queen Máxima was at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam this morning to officially open the tenth Hands On! Conference hosted by the International Association of Children in Museums. For this event, she repeated her popular purple felt slice hat with upturned brim and ribbon trim around the crown. Máxima paired this reader’s favourite hat today with a matching purple coat (a new addition, I believe) and a bright pink leopard print sheath dress. While the hat and coat combination is sublime, there’s a disconnect between the spicy, summery dress and the more subdued, wintry hat that makes the pairing not work for me.

20 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens International Museum Conference

  1. Oh I am surprised at your assessment of this outfit…I think the cost , hat and shoes are perfect and the dress I think is dark enough to make the ensemble pop….the queen is striking in this outfit!

  2. The hat continues to be fantastic, and the shoes are striking. I suspect that the purse is supposed to tie the outfit together. I only see it pictured next to the coat. There the purse looks similar to the colors of then dress but with some of the darker purple from the coat mixed in. I would like to see the purse next to the dress.
    At any rate, the combination of hat and dress is somewhat off because of texture and temperature differences, although I might be able to get on board with this.

    • Me too! The coat and the hat together are a little bit dull and the hot pink dress livens it up. Maxima always looks so good and I love all the bright colors she wears.

  3. The last pic shows wrinkles in the brim it looks liked the end of the brim is glued !! yak ; this is not good craftsmanship too me at all

  4. It’s so hard to tell exact color looking at photos. They even appear to vary when viewing on a mobile device vs. computer screen. That being said, the hat/coat/shoes combo is absolute perfection. While the dress probably is a better match in person than it appears in these photos, I don’t believe I have ever seen Max looking so fit and in shape as she appears in that sheath dress so I give it a big thumbs up!

  5. Aha! Máxima answered my prayers by bringing out one of her best hats to make up for her last appearance! I definitely think the coat ties the whole ensemble together, because even when her dress is peaking out from underneath the coat, I think she looks amazing. But without the coat, it’s a little strange; I think the lack of sleeves is a big part of it, and also the apparent shininess of the dress fabric (which may look better if it had been matte). Overall though, a definite win, and so glad to see her looking very happy.

  6. I think if we saw the dress in person, we would realize that it is consistent with the colors in the coat, depending on which way the light hit the dress. You can see that the purse has the same type of color that changes or reflexes, if you like, a different shade with movement. Maxima looks awesome as she does usually.

  7. The Queen loves colour, big and bold things. Thinking that way everything is fine. I think she dresses to suit herself rather than for the press. I thought she might have started to change a bit with the grey, black highneckslim dress and the fascinator a few days ago.
    To me this outfit is better than many so I guess it is a matter of realizing the Queen will dress with lots of colour and large accessories to her own liking and thinking. She is unique among the royals.

  8. I agree with Hat Queen that the coat less version is slightly off, perhaps a sleeve would help, or maybe taking the hat off along with the coat. (sacrelige, I know) ;-). Otherwise, this is Max at her best and I LOVE it!

  9. The hat and coat (and shoes) are impeccable. It’s been years since I wore stiletto heels that high and admire public figures who walk and stand for hours in them. For some reason, I have no problem with the dress either; there is maroon in the pattern and her purse matches her dress. It works for me.

  10. I’m fairly convinced she and Mathilde are wearing almost the same hat. Maxima’s with a crown and Mathilde’s without. The color, brim angles, and brow detail look identical. Thoughts.

  11. Nice classic look with the hat and coat. But there is a clash with the dress – the hat/coat colour needs to be the dominant colour in the outfit.

  12. I do like the hat and coat together but the dress with them is dreadful – she could take a hint from Duchess Kate and leave her coat on the whole time!

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