British Royals Arrive For Commonwealth Meeting

Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall travelled to Malta today for the Commonwealth Heads of State Summit. The Queen touched down wearing her second new hat this week, this one made in the same pale blue bouclé as her coat.

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The hat featured a squared crown with domed top and upfolded brim. Two navy silk roses at the side were its only trimming, providing contrast against the textured fabric.

Queen Elizabeth, November 26, 2015 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Queen Elizabeth has numerous other hats in this shape, a shape that is a good proportion for her. There is something, however, about this piece that does not work for me. Perhaps it’s those navy flowers, which seem much better suited to a summer hat in natural straw? Maybe it is the fabric choice which seems too much of a good thing? I’m curious, dearest readers- do you share similar reservations about this hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated and Ian Pace/Demotix/Corbis

8 thoughts on “British Royals Arrive For Commonwealth Meeting

  1. I like the hat and the outfit, but I don’t think the roses are well conceived. I like the idea of contrasting navy trim of some kind, but these flowers in the dark colour just look shapeless. Either they need to be more precisely made or perhaps edged in some way so as to stand out, or the trim should be different altogether.

  2. I agree with @Sandra that either the upturned brim or the roses are too large for the rest of the hat, especially when viewed from closer up. Overall this is a great new ensemble for HM, and the blue color scheme suits her very well, but some of the details could use some work. I also liked the President of Malta’s beautiful clover green outfit, but for some reason her black pillbox hat seemed too dark for me (maybe because it often blended in with the black outfits of the people in the background of most of these photos).

  3. I think the hat by itself is fine, although the roses seem too big or the upturn on the brim is too big. as snug harbour says the coat and hat don’t appear to go with the dress. I also don’t like the trim around the neckline of the coat which doesn’t appear to match anything. but I do like the coat fabric, the subtle colours are lovely. HM loves the CHOGM meetings and Malta holds special memories for her so she will be enjoying it all. look forward to seeing more.

  4. I like the color and pattern, shape and dimension, but ditch the navy blob, or make the roses smaller. As for HQ’s concern for the hat and coat being too much of a good thing, I compare it to leftover turkey . . . You can NEVER have too much of a good thing!

  5. HatQueen it is fixed here is my comment: ! I don’t like that the hat’s shape becomes bigger on top, it makes a bit costumy, the color makes her look older. I didn’t recognize the flowers on the hat, looks a bit like folded napkins.

  6. This is my favorite hat block used by Angela Kelly. I love the shape. I think too that the fabric of this coat and hat is beautiful, very blue and green when seen up close, and the trim is pretty too. Therefore, one should be able to tweak this outfit to improve it. Oddly, this bouclé fabric seems to be paired with a blue and green floral dress. Usually floral dresses seem to call for a matching floral arrangement on the hat in British royal circles. Fortunately, there’s not a big blue-green flower up there, but the two navy silk roses need to go. If any trim is needed on the hat, and I suspect none is, try the coat braid on the hat.
    And what is it with those two black (navy?) buttons at the top of the coat? Obviously they’re not the only method to close the coat. Lose those buttons. Lose those navy roses on the hat. The fabric is so pretty, as is the shape of the hat, that one needs simply to let this outfit shine. Remove the distractions.

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