Queen Opens Commonwealth Summit

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit officially began today in Malta. Queen Elizabeth, who holds the organization near and dear to her heart, gave an address during the opening ceremony. As many expected, she wore a new outfit and hat for the occasion.

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Queen Elizabeth, November 27, 2015 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

With a squared crown covered in the same jacquard fabric as the Queen’s coat and an upfolded brim in coordinating pale blue straw, the hat is simply trimmed with a cerise band around the base of the crown and two cerise silk carnations. These mixes of texture and contrast of colour make for an interesting hat- I adore the lightness provided by the straw brim. I’m not so sure about the blue fabric although the beautiful collar on this coat brings it perfectly together with Queen Elizabeth’s pink dress and the hat.


Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Interestingly, the hat is the same shape as the piece débuted yesterday. Perhaps even more interesting is the unexpected pale blue and cerise colour scheme – a scheme that enabled Her Majesty to stand out in a group portrait amidst many dark suits all while not showing favouritism to any one nation (did anyone else notice that these two colours do not relate to flags of Commonwealth countries?!).

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: this hat is new
I think this piece works better than the hat, in the very same shape, the Queen wore yesterday for her arrival. What do you think?
Photos from Getty as indicated; Jin Yu/Xinhua Press/Corbis 

20 thoughts on “Queen Opens Commonwealth Summit

  1. The cerise trim on the hat is jarring. The whole outfit would have gained if the hat had been trimmed in the same light blue.
    Using matching colours alone does not make it a well styled combination. You also have to edit.

  2. HM looks nice – and it’s an unusual colour combination, nice to see her still trying things. It’s especially nice to see her in a coat with a collar, it just looks more ‘finished’ somehow. I don’t think I care for the jacquard, but I’ve long since learned that one can’t have everything when it comes to an Angela Kelly outfit. 🙂 The hat is pretty good when seen as part of the ensemble. The roses are fun and being placed as they are we escape the ‘miner’s headlamp’ look. Overall, a refreshing look for HM.

  3. I had to think about this. If the decoration on the hat was replaced with a strip of the reddish colour around the brim it would be more sophisticated.
    The black accessories work…yet I feel they should be a different colour however I do not know which colour.

  4. I like this colour combination, and it really makes the Queen stand out. The double collar is a nice detail. I also like the hat very much, it’s interesting what a different feel the slightly altered brim can give it compared with yesterday’s.

  5. Except for the gloves, she looks magnificent from head to toe! I really like the color combination and texture of the pale blue material.

  6. This is a fantastic outfit, hat, and color combo for HM, and I love it all! My only complaint is how squared off the shape of the brim is . . .

  7. This is an odd color combination, but turquoise and red (the precise colors are so hard to determine: cerise and blue, pink and blue?) is one that’s been used by the Queen in the past, and it does stand out. Having liked yesterday’s hat shape, I like this one too. I think the double collar coat is attractive, and I like the Jacquard print. Although the brim is different on today’s hat, I am surprised that the same block was used for hats worn two days in a row. Nonetheless, it is my favorite AK hat block for the Queen. This hat would be spectacular worn just with the dress.

  8. I quite like this on HM – it’s interesting the baby blue works well with the red – I could see the red floral being changed out in spring to make the hat doable for a spring hat.

  9. I like the colour combo a lot. The shapes are all great. What I think I don’t love is the jacquard fabric – because it’s a softer fabric it’s not holding its form enough, so it doesn’t give enough structure for me.

    It’s quite a festive outfit. But it really is one of those instances where you see Angela Kelly’s tailoring and detail just doesn’t hold up to a Parvin/Trevor Morgan combo alas.

  10. A note for precision: it’s the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, not Heads of State. This is because Her Majesty is technically the Head of State for all these nations.

    • She doesn’t wear purple as often as blue or pink but she has several strong purple hats in rotation these days:

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images

  11. Love the shape of these 2 hats. Not quite sure the purpose for the trims and the colors chosen. Surely something more “regal” could have been used.

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