Queen And Duke Celebrate Church’s Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited St. Columba’s Church in Knightsbridge yesterday to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the re-dedication of the church. For this event, which included a Service of Thanksgiving and reception, the Queen wore her turquoise wool hat with tall, hourglass shaped crown and black velvet rosette trim.

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: April 2, 2015October 16, 2014
While the shape of this hat still reads a little “Mad Hatter” to me, I love the colour, the crisp contrast provided by the black trim and the way the hat coordinates so well with Her Majesty’s coat. These things make it a success in my book- what do you think?
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17 thoughts on “Queen And Duke Celebrate Church’s Anniversary

  1. Queen Elizabeth looks great in this shade of blue. I don’t like the overly tall hourglass shape of the crown. Her makeup looks cakey and too orange in hue. The coat seems ill-fitting. This is not one of her best looks.

  2. The color is wonderful. I actually rather like this mad hatter block, but I’m still not fond of the black rosette. I wonder whether a solid band of black velvet around the brim might look better. As was the problem with the navy rose on the first hat the Queen wore in Malta, from a distance one really can’t see the details of a dark floral arrangement; one just sees a dark blob affixed to the hat. I see the reason for black velvet on the hat but no reason for a rosette in particular.

  3. Love the colors, and the rose trim detail is simply wonderful. Hate to sound like a broken record, but the asymmetry of this hat is not flattering on HM in my opinion. If the brim was the same length all around, I think I would love this hat so much more, but as it is it just seems awkward.

    • I have often thought she needs a makeup consult, though she looks lovely anyway. The hat is perfect with the coat, and a good color–they are very well balanced together.

    • I have heard (but not seen it written anywhere) that she does her own make-up, always has.

      This Daily Telegraph piece doesn’t answer your question but is still quite fun to read – some of the ‘beauty’ products HM uses: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/beauty/people/queen-elizabeth-favourite-beauty-products/

      And here is a fascinating article about Elizabeth’s makeup for the coronation, including the fact that an Australia-born Cyclax (remember Cyclax?) consultant had been working with princesses Elizabeth and Margaret since 1943.

      • Well, there you are. A bit more digging came up with this from a Daily Mail story: “As for cosmetics, Angela Kelly uses a special, secret formula for the Queen’s foundation, which prevents too much shine on her face.” So it appears Ms Kelly is also doing HM’s makeup!

        If I thought HM was doing it herself, I’d give her a pass. It’s hard to get it right when you need glasses to see what you’re doing. But if Ms Kelly is doing it, there’s no excuse for getting the colour wrong!

  4. I really love the color, trim and style of this hat…and the outfit it’s worn with! She looks amazing, as does Prince Phillip.

  5. I like the color and shape, (which is a little quirky and different,) with the coat’s black contrast, but the hat trim is just OK.
    A LOT of blue these days!
    I think that both she and the prince is looking exceptionally well as of late.
    Cross your fingers for a new Christmas chapeau!

  6. Very pretty color on her. Her hats are getting very boring. Consistent same shape. The trims look like her “hatters” are running out of ideas for trims.

  7. I still love the concept of this outfit (colour contrast, shape) but the execution is a little slapdash, in particular the seams on the coat and those odd pleats. Still, Her Maj clearly likes this one as it’s been frequently worn, so I’m still on board!

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