This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

The Swedish royal family attended a gala at the Swedish Academy last week. Crown Princess Victoria repeated the jewelled hair ornament we’ve seen her wear before (PPE)

The Norwegian royals attended church together on Christmas Day. Queen Sonja wore a brown Homburg hat. (Seher)

Princess Hisako of Takamado repeated a smart green hat to watch a women’s soccer game (Getty)

Royal Hats

Great Christmas video clip from the Norwegian Crown Prince, Princess and family (NRK)

Lovely new photo from the Jordanian royal family (Queen Rania)

Interview with Princess Alexandra of Hanover and her passion for figure skating (ISU)

Sweet photo of Prince Nicolas of Sweden’s first encounter with Santa Claus and Princess Leonore in adorable Christmas frocks previously worn by her mum (Princess Madeleine and Svenskdam)

A a wonderful interview with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco with their twins (Vorsten TV). Photographer Christopher Morris also shared some wonderful snaps taken of the family on National Day.

And finally, take an hour to enjoy this interesting documentary about the history of the Queen’s annual Christmas message (BBC)

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Those Monaco Royal babies are so good! I wish my children were that well behaved! The Norwegians Royals using a book about Queen Elizabeth as a cookie tray was funny. This was an interesting documentary about the Queen’s Christmas Messages. I wonder if the tradition will continue with her successor? I hope so. It’s a great tradition.

  2. I enjoyed This Week’s Extras HatQueen. I really liked the hat and suit worn by Princess Hisako. I didn’t like Queen Sonja’s drab brown Homburg hat. The Royal photos and videos were entertaining, especially those cuties the Monaco twins! Congratulations to Princess Alexandra on her ice-skating competition successes, and I wish her every success in getting to the Winter Olympics. Happy New Year everybody.

  3. Happy New Year to HatQueen and all the Royal Hats fandom! Thanks for working through the holiday period and bringing us our first edition for the year of This Week’s Extras.

    Crown Princess Victoria is looking very healthy during her pregnancy, but I don’t like brooches used as hair ornaments. There were some great features here on the Swedish, Norwegian and Jordanian Royals.

    I enjoyed the interview with Princess Alexandra of Hanover, and I watched some videos of her skating and she has quite a talent! Who knew they freezed over a pool in Monaco to create an ice rink in the winter? Good luck to her.

    Princess Hisako of Takamado wore an interesting green hat, and it seems she has more spirit than the other Japanese Imperials when it comes to hat and clothing choices.

    I loved the video of the Monaco twins. They are the most gorgeous babies, and seem very content. Motherhood has been kind to Princess Charlene, but I was surprised that she only spoke English during the video. I wonder if she still hasn’t learned to speak French? You would think they would find her the best French teachers and really train her up well. Perhaps she can and they just wanted to make the clip bilingual?

    I enjoyed the doco about Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas message, and I notice many other Royals have followed suit. I like the fact that she adds personal touches to her messages as well as discussing British and World matters. Keep up the great work please HatQueen!

  4. How hilarious that the Norwegians are frosting their giant cookie using that particular book as a tray! She’s everywhere!

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