Queen Elizabeth Attends Church at Sandringham

Queen Elizabeth appeared at her first public outing of 2016 yesterday, attending Sunday morning service at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene near the Sandringham estate in Norfolk. She repeated a deep purple cloche variation with squared crown trimmed with a spray of purple and pink feathers. This hat features a unique diagonally wrapped crown that you can see better on previous outings here and here. From a distance, this hat looks great but I’m afraid that from a closer view,  the details (stitching, flowered fabric on the diagonal crown, spines of the feathers sticking out on the brim) and overall proportion are rather sloppy.

Queen Elizabeth, January 3, 2016 | Royal Hats Queen Elizabeth, January 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: I suspect it is an early version of Angela Kelly’s split crown design
Previously Worn: May 12, 2015; December 29, 2013December 9, 2011; February 6, 2011; December 8, 2010; October 21, 2010; March 11, 2010; March 15, 2006

The Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor also attended, both sporting Jane Taylor designs (see them here). Sophie’s chic navy fedora with feather trim looked fabulous with her blue coat while Lady Louise’s black beret is a wonderful start to a long future of hat wearing.  You can see additional photos at this Daily Mail article.

Photos from  Headlinephoto/Splash News/Corbis and Headlinephoto/Splash News/Corbis

14 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Attends Church at Sandringham

  1. Daily Mail stories really ought to come with a health warning – take care if you have high blood pressure and like accuracy! Lady Louise is not the Wessexes ‘eldest daughter’, She is either their ‘daughter’ (they have only one) or their ‘elder child’ (being one of only two). The aide who walked next to Prince Phillip is not wearing ‘smart grey trousers’ as a single glance at the photograph would have revealed. She is wearing grey pantyhose/tights/nylons, whatever the best local term is. And January 1 was not the start of the Queen’s ‘ninetieth year’, that was her birthday last year. Gah! At least the paper’s nickname, the Daily Fail, makes me smile …

  2. The colors of the hat and the feathers are great, but I’ve never like the execution of it all and find it not flattering for HM. The brim is kinda wonky and too small in my opinion. But I’m surprised I never noticed before the fabric on the crown that matches the dress underneath her coat; that is probably my least favorite part of this hat.

    Sophie and Louise look great in their respective hats, and I love how chic that fedora is on the Countess; I just hope Louise isn’t stuck in a beret rut, because I want to see her try out more styles! And a shoutout to the aide with Phillip: she’s wearing a fantastic portrait hat!

    P.S. I would LOVE to see HM bust out those boots again from the photo @Jimbo posted.

  3. I like the colour and I do think purple suits the Queen very well. I don’t like the shape of the hat, and the fleecy look of the fabric in close-up, and the feather spines. The Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor both looked lovely in their hats and coats. I like fedoras, and this one was well done, and the Countess always looks good in brimmed hats. Lady Louise Windsor’s beret is perfect for this occasion. She is growing up fast and turning into a sophisticated, hat-wearing young lady!

  4. This wearing, then, seems like a good choice for an outfit that’s been around for along time and that looks best from a distance. I actually happen to like the concept of the hat — fabric wrapping in one direction, the feathers sticking through in the other direction — as well as the color.

  5. I love the colour, and from a distance, as you comment, it’s a great hat. I think it would succeed close up too if the feathery trim were more streamlined (say, just a couple of quills, instead of the whole handful of quills and feathers).

    For a casual appearance, I think Sophie looks great. I’m not a fan of fedoras, but this is excellent. (I’d be judging differently if it were an actual royal engagement…)

  6. I’ve always quite liked this one actually, I think the shape is quite fun. The only detail that bothers me is that you can see the spines under the felt, but that’s minor.

  7. Without the feathers, the hat would be much better. It has enough detail on its own that the feathers are overkill…

  8. Not a flattering hat for Her Majesty. Furthermore, in close-ups, the fabric has an unfortunate resemblance to polar fleece. I don’t care for the feather spines either. Lovely color, however.

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