Princess Benedikte Opens Travel Show

On Saturday, Princess Benedikte of Denmark officially openned the Caravan Motor Touristik travel trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany. For this event, she repeated her plum wool domed hat with magenta spiral rings and black feather trim. These photos give a better view of the hat than we have previously seen and while the spiral trim does lend a slightly Dr. Seuss touch, it’s a fun hat that Benedikte wears well (especially when she matches her lipstick to it!).

Designer: unknown. My guess is Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: December 5, 2015; October 2003

Photos from Marijan Murat/dpa/Corbis 

10 thoughts on “Princess Benedikte Opens Travel Show

  1. In the last picture the color of the coat and hat perfectly allow the circular piping on the hat to contrast nicely, making this hat so striking and lively…and so perfect on the princess! The luster and size of the pearl jewelry add just enough contrast without overpowering the whole look. Even the bit of floral at the neckline is just right. I think the princess looks so appropriate..and so beautiful.

  2. Princess Benedikte looks great in this plum coloured hat, but I liked its last outing better, teamed with the grey dress. I like the feathers. The magenta spiral rings take it up a notch from good to excellent and rather edgy too. She looks great in brimless, as well as brimmed, hats, and is one of our most fearless Royal hat wearers.

  3. Love everything in this outfit!! Warm , rich colours, great perfectly tailored coat! Lovely hat! Very unique trim! To tell the truth , very much tired from ” uniform” calots & turbans, or button berets from last year!!
    So thank you , Princess B !!

  4. I just love this hat and ensemble. Yes thetop looks a little ‘off’ the color scheme now that I take a closer look, but maybe the color adds some individual ‘spark’ that takes the ensemble out of the realm of the ordinary/expected. Just a thought.

    I love the hat. This lady is so cute.

  5. I think she looks lovely. The colors in her hat and her suit are perfect during this time of year when everything is cold and icy.

  6. It’s a quirky hat for sure, and one only someone like Benedikte can pull off. I much prefer her outfit from this hat’s premiere though; this time there are too many competing colors, from the fuschia/berry color of the hat to the burgundy of her jacket to the purplish spotted pattern of her dress (or top, hard to say). The dress/top should’ve been in a solid contrasting neutral, like grey, white, or black; or her coat should’ve matched her hat better.

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