Sunday Service at Sandringham

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were all smiles in the sunshine yesterday as they attended Sunday service at Hillington Church near their Sandringham Estate. For the occasion, the Queen repeated her sloped crown hat covered in peach bouclé with a coordinating straw brim and layered bow, fabric disk and feather trim. I often feel that when hats and clothes are constructed from the same fabric, the resulting ensemble can be rather flat  or one note. This hat’s mix of texture proves that does not have to be the case. With the number of times this hat has been worn, the Queen seems to agree.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: October 17, 2015March 10, 2015July 18, 2012March 14, 2011November 23, 2010September 14, 2010; November 19, 2009

The couple were joined by family members Viscount and Viscountess Linley. Serena topper her country tweed jacket with a black beret based cocktail hat trimmed with a mass of black feathers. We’ve seen this style of millinery often on British royals but I think the volume and placement of feathers on this piece makes it a winner.

 Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. It’s design R15W28 from the AW 2015 collection
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
Photos from Getty as indicated 

13 thoughts on “Sunday Service at Sandringham

  1. Serena…skirt of the outfit just too tight. Looks like she would like to be a size 6 but really is a size 8! The hat is too “pretty” for this ensemble.. Maybe all it needs is removal of the feathers.

  2. Seeing this peach fuzz outfit (yet again) does make me wonder about those who constantly announce with great certainty that Queen Elizabeth II only wears an outfit one single time. It’s not a bad orange outfit, and I quite like the hat, but I too am rather tired of seeing this outfit.
    As for Viscountess Linley — the top half to the outfit is fine. But it doesn’t go to with the skirt, which is too short, or with the light shoes.

  3. I’m not usually as observant as most of you, but I do recognize the Queen’s outfit! And, I rather like it. Viscountess Linley’s hat is attractive, as is her jacket, but I too would have preferred to see her wearing a black skirt and black court shoes with it.

  4. Oh boy, this peach outfit would probably be first on the bonfire, hat and all, if I had the keys to the wardrobe! (So just as well I haven’t.) The colour is mostly nice for HM, but Too. Much. Fuzz. Serena’s hat looks nice.

  5. Queen Elizabeth’s outfit is a lot of fuzz and a lot of peach, and the fabric looks like terry towelling to me. I don’t like the hat, dress and coat to all be in the one fabric. I think it is time to retire this look. Viscountess Linley’s look is rather confusing. She has on a pale summer dress, a formal winter jacket, and then a hat with an explosion of feathers. I do like this cocktail hat, but it just doesn’t suit the rest of what she is wearing.

  6. Still not the biggest fan of this peach-orange ensemble, but HM certainly loves it. I very much liked Serena’s cocktail hat, but I think from the waist down her ensemble seems a bit odd; the jacket and this dress don’t work together in my opinion. If she had an open coat that was longer with this dress, it would’ve worked, otherwise there should be a matching skirt with this jacket.

  7. I understand that this time it was not the usual Church of Mary Magdalene that the Royal couple attended but Hillington Church, a little further away from Sandringham.

  8. I know Her Majesty likes this outfit. I do too! If I could restyle this successful hat, I would make the body, crown and brim of the woven straw (maybe cream instead of apricot) and save the boucle for the band and trim. It’s altogether too fuzzy for my taste. Still, I think HM looks smashing!

  9. I, too, thought her hat and jacket were lovely, but would have preferred a black dress and pumps with Serena’s ensemble would have made more sense. The Queen, as usual, looked elegant and I love the way the disk and feathers made it different. Great choice!

  10. HM looks just ‘peachy’ as we say here in the states. I do like the hat with the jacket on Viscountess Linley; but for this time of year, the dress that jacket is worn over, seems all together wrong to me – it’s too light and too spring/summer looking.

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