Inventory: Queen Mathilde’s Blue Hats

As Queen Mathilde celebrates her 43rd birthday today, we’re  going to take a peek at her blue hats. She has worn ten different ones so far during her royal life- here they are in the order that they have been worn:

1.  2.  3.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne; Philip Treacy; Maison Van den Borne
Introduced: February 2005; April 29, 2011; February 16, 2012

4.  5.Queen Mathilde, Dec. 2, 2013 Elvis Pompilio | Royal Hats  6.Queen Mathilde, March 30, 2014 | Royal Hats
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne; Elvis Pompilio; unknown
Introduced: September 27, 2013; December 2, 2013March 30, 2014

7.Queen Mathilde, May 6, 2015 in Dior | Royal Hats  8.Queen Mathilde, Novemer 12, 2014 | Royal Hats  9.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Christian Dior; unknown; Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced: June 6, 2014; November 12, 2014May 20, 2015

10.Embed from Getty Images 
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced: July 21, 2015

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Queen Mathilde has added several additional blue hats to her wardrobe: 

11.Embed from Getty Images  12.
Designer: both are Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced:November 30, 2016; March 18, 2017

For hats of the same hue, it’s an eclectic mix! What is most interesting to me is that the first hat did not appear in Mathilde’s millinery wardrobe until 2005, more than five years after she became a princess. While I find the great similarities between hats #5 and #6 curious, I suspect that both calots were custom designs made in the same fabric as the clothes they accompanied. I don’t think #2’s grandness can be beat nor #4’s quirky sense of fun and I would adore seeing these two pieces worn again. What hats stand out most to you in this group?

Photos from Lesoir; Georges de Keerle via Getty;Patrick van Katwijk/dpa/Corbis; JULIEN WARNAND/epa/Corbis; Albert Nieboer/dpa/Corbis; AFP/Emmanuel Dunand via Getty;  Benoit Doppagne and Benoit Doppagne via Belga

19 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Mathilde’s Blue Hats

  1. I vote for hat 10 for the win! I wasn’t surprised it made the top 10 hats for 2015 in your poll HatQueen. It is such a beautiful hat and she looks her best in brimmed hats. I hope we see it again this year. I just love the curvature of the brim. The next best is hat 2. It is a very close second, and so dramatic, and really stood out at the Royal Wedding. The colour was very good for her, and wearing the Laurel Wreath tiara as a necklace, plus lots of other jewels, made her a standout, even among the many designer-clad guests. The next best is hat 7, which is a very good shade of blue with her colouring, and I also liked the rest of the outfit she worse it with. The next best is hat 9, because I liked the orange and blue colour scheme, and the shade of blue of this hat looks great. The next best is hat 5, which is a simple classic style and it is a great colour on her, and I liked the feather trim, and the calot style of hat looks good with her hairstyle. The next best is hat 6, another calot, and the outfit she worse with it was excellent, but the feather in the hat looked inadequate. The next best is hat 1, because the colour suits her, though it is rather boxy. The next best is hat 4, because I like it from the front and right side but not the left, where there are too many twists, and I liked her bold print dress paired with these colours. The next best was hat 8, which reminded me a bit too much of a rooster’s comb. The next best, which is the hat I liked least, was hat 3, which looks too much like a fez, and the veil didn’t look high quality, though the colour is good.

  2. My favorites in order are: 10, 2, 7, 9. Number 3 looks like a giant blue chocolate bonbon. Number 1 is too boxy and big. The others are just ‘meh’.

  3. Number two has always been a personal favorite – both for the hat and the sneaky little tiara appearance at a British Royal Wedding.

  4. I always think of Mathilde as a more conservative sort, but her millinery belies that. She’s quite adventurous and I love many of these. The fabulous picture hat from the Cambridge wedding gets the win though – as I think we all agree, we’d love to see more wide brimmed hats!

  5. Queen Mathilde looks so beautiful in blue. I like all the hats, but I think number 10 is the best. I wouldn’t complain if she repeated any of the others either. She really suits quite a variety of hat shapes.

  6. What a great hat collection! I love the variety. That also makes it hard to pick a fave but for me #9 and #2 are the winners. Especially #2 is amazing. Wonderfull shape, great bow, good color.

  7. None of these are disasters, which is a good thing! All of them are perfectly acceptable hats, and Mathilde wears them well. I think the Treacy worn to Kate and William’s wedding is the most special one, and it would certainly be lovely to see her repeat it. What mostly struck me, looking at this selection, is how much I wish proper brims were more in fashion. Although I think the smaller hats suit Mathilde well, they just aren’t special in the same way as the more imposing picture hats. I guess these days they are seen as rather OTT for many occasions, but it’s a shame!

  8. I’m surprised she has so few blue hats, and even more surprised I only recognized half of them!

    #1 should definitely come out of hiding again, and I would like to see #2 repeated, but I know that’s a bit harder to do since it’s not an everyday hat (Belgian National Day perhaps?). I would also LOVE to see #4 repeated because I love the color scheme and the uniqueness of this particular cocktail hat; I would, however, pair it with another outfit, like something in grey, and do a side chignon.

    More blue hats for Mathilde! It’s a great color for her.

  9. There is not a bad one in the whole bunch!!! I don’t care for the bandage wrap style of #9 as much as the others, and #10 gets my vote for the best! When you start with such a lovely lady, I truly feel she’d look smashing in a baseball cap!!!

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