Danish Royals Welcome Belgian State Visit

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde arrived in Denmark today to start a four-day state visit with their Danish royal cousins. As is expected for such events, the official welcome included a parade of royal hats, several of which are new designs. Queen Mathilde wore one of these pieces, a prim calot-pillbox hybrid in the same blue wool as her coat.

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Unpredictable temperatures at this time of year make dressing for a state visit tricky but this shade of blue is lovely on Mathilde and feels just right for early spring. The brimless hat compliments the neckline on the coat very well and its placement is particularly attractive with her swirling chignon. My only reservation on this piece is its bow- I suspect intended to be an artistic and modern embellishment, I’m afraid it ends up looking more of a messy afterthought.


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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Margrethe repeated her mint green hat with cuff brim and side feather trim. We’ve seen this hat a few times before on the Danish Queen and much prefer it with its coordinating green coat than it was worn today, with this fur.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: October 3, 2016April 30, 2016September 8, 2015; June 5, 2015May 23, 2014April 16, 2015

Crown Princess Mary topped her pale aqua coat with an ecru felt pillbox hat trimmed in lace applique.

Mary wears pillboxes so well and both the scale and colour of this one is fantastic on her. The lace applique detail on this piece is beautifully done and the hat, in combination with other neutral accessories and Mary’s impeccably tailored green coat, makes for a wonderfully elegant ensemble.

Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Marie also wore a new headpiece today in rosy brown straw. Built on a round straw base, the designe reatures straw flowers, leaves and ribbon curls and pale pink feathers. This piece puzzles me (Princess Marie has a very similar straw floral fascinator in pink) and I think her ensemble might have worked better with her navy felt calot, straw beret, or rose trimmed straw fedora.


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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

State visits are always great fun to watch, particularly when they bring out a parade of hats as this one did today in Copenhagen. What do you think of these three new designs?

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Photos from Getty as indicated; Benoit Doppagne,  Benoit DoppagneBenoit Doppagnevia Belga

20 thoughts on “Danish Royals Welcome Belgian State Visit

  1. while l was in her shop on kings rd l spoke to her about the hat and asked her if she made it and she confirmed that it was her design

  2. Doesn’t everyone look lovely!

    I love CP Mary’s pillbox. Beautifully embellished, but still neutral
    Q Mathilde’s calot/pillbox is perfectly appropriate, but the decoration is sad. A wide grosgrain ribbon would have looked better, I think. Overall, it’s a very nice hat and coat combo.
    I’ve liked Q Margrethe’s icy green hat every time we’ve seen it. Still do!
    P Marie’s headpiece suffers from comparison. It isn’t holding up as well in company as expected. Nothing wrong with it, per se, but a fascinator doesn’t compete with a proper hat (in my opinion). Also, I wish her hair covered the headband. But, she wears it with confidence, so props to her.

    I like Fred’s window pane suit! And, I like that they all look to be enjoying each others company!

  3. Mary’s hat is STUNNING. Mathilde’s hat is MEH. I’m sorry but that bow looks like folded crumpled up toilet paper. And oh Margrethe. A minty fresh spring hat really does not go with a warm winter fur coat.

  4. The color is good for Mathilde and I like the collar of her coat, but otherwise I feel like this is just another iteration of what she usually wears, hat- and coat-wise.

    Margrethe’s hat is probably my favorite for her; the shape and color is beautiful. I like the color contrast of the brown fur coat (fur controversy aside) for something different, although it did look bulky compared to the other ladies’ streamlined coats.

    Mary was my favorite of the day. The detailing on her pillbox is beautiful and I really like the modernity of her coat. I personally love Frederick’s double breasted windowpane suited, and don’t find it informal for this outing; I find it much better than the boring parade of suits we’re used to.

    Marie was my least favorite; her sinamay headpiece looked completely out of place compared to the wools everyone else was wearing; this fascinator would be much better suited for May through September. The emerald green is a great color for her though!

  5. It must have been chilly for Queen Margrethe to bring out her fur. I like her hat and suit and standing beside Queen Mathilde in her exquisite ensemble (bow notwithstanding) they look like augers of spring. CP Mary is well-established as a fashion icon and that pillbox is lovely. I’m not a fan of fascinators, but P Marie’s is quite attractive.
    (If it was that cold, what were they doing on an open boat in the harbour?!)

  6. First, the gentlemen – King Philippe and Crown Prince Frederik are both handsome and fit men, consequently they wear clothes well. While some consider it boring, the King’s styling is excellent. The Crown Prince seems to be taking some sartorial clues from his father and decided to “step out” a bit (but not nearly as far out as his father often has done!) I like the double-breasted suit with the window-pane check, but find it better suited (no pun intended!) to a less formal occasion than a State Visit reception. But, I must say, on what was clearly a cold day, gentlemen where are your hats?!?!

    The ladies – I’m ready for the barbs to be thrown my way when I say, I can’t help but love a fur. And Queen Margarethe clearly was looking to keep warm, so pulled out one of her trusty fur coats. I like the bright green on her and, similar to Queen Mathilde, the color seems to be foreshadowing the coming Spring. Queen Mathilde’s ensemble is lovely, especially the color. Regarding the hat, the shape is beautiful and she wears a pillbox with aplomb, but I agree the bow isn’t quite right. However, I think the fabric is the culprit. If you look at her coat it has some of the same issues of not being quite finished looking, especially where the trim needs to be crisp and just so. But she’s so beautiful and poised that I prefer to look on the grace that she always exudes and appreciate the beautiful soft blue of her ensemble.

    The two Danish princesses are lovely. I prefer an actual hat to a fascinator so will highlight Mary, and the fact that she also, like Queen Mathilde, is poised and beautiful. All the women are also in amazingly fantastic physical shape and, thus, can wear clothing well and carry themselves well. (So nice to see people dressed well in the wake of the ridiculousness about the leggings on planes.)

  7. I like the idea of the bow on Mathilde’s hat, but it’s very poorly executed, which is a shame, as otherwise it is a classic outfit, not exciting, but absolutely filling its brief. Mary’s pillbox is a pillbox really well done, and the trim on that shows what a much higher standard of finish can do for a hat. Marie’s headpiece is very pretty in itself , and much more substantial than many of her headband-based things, but I just wish she’d gone for a proper hat! I like this hat of Margrethe’s far more than most of hers – much more interesting.

    • I wondered whether Empress Michiko’s origami bows might be the inspiration for Mathilde’s? As you said, the execution is not very good.

  8. Princess Mary for the win today. The hat is a perfect nod to almost-spring, and coordinates wonderfully with her other neutral accessories. I love the colour of Mathilde’s ensemble, and agree with you, Hat Queen, that it is just the right statement for the time of year. Pale blue looks hopeful, and the wool keeps her warm. Shame about the embellishment. Marie’s fascinator leaves me cold. I generally find fascinators very young-looking. Of course Marie is by no means old; however, as a mature woman with royal status, I would recommend that she choose a hat with more gravitas, particularly for a state visit. It’s a little bit too frou-frou for the occasion.

  9. Mathilde’s hat and coat are such a pretty color but that bow on the hat is really awful. Mary’s hat is beautiful on its own but even more so on her.

  10. Beautiful color of Queen Mathilde’s hat and coat, but like the other comments, the bow looks like it was sewn in a hurry and without the care that usually goes into embellishments. CP Mary’s hat was very well done, but didn’t care for the coat’s color or neckline she chose to wear with this hat. The hat would be smashing with a different coat. I want to like Marie’s headpiece, but feel it misses the mark, like CP Mary’s coat. Queen Margrethe’s repeated hat, while not looking as well with the fur as it does with the matching coat, is one I like on her.

  11. I love state visits and I think all three ladies – Mary, Marie and Mathilde are well dressed. They obviously put alot of time into the choice and it is about personal taste. Marie’s headpiece actually looks very nice close up. Mathilde always has that polished and well colour co-ordinated look with the shade of blue and Mary does wear pillbox hats very well.

  12. Queen Mathilde’s hat is better from the angles where we can’t see the bow and it’s clear how ‘rustic’ that poor bow is when seen beside Mary’s crisp pillbox trim. I love the colour of Mathilde and the coat is cut especially well.
    Queen Margrethe, well what you can say? I don’t care for the colour on her and the hat looks like it’s a little too big, as if it’s sitting a bit lower than it should.
    I like CP Mary’s ensemble very much, but would have preferred a coat neckline that didn’t show those two slivers of what she was wearing underneath.
    Princess Marie’s fascinator is fine, but she could have done better with a hat to balance the ‘heaviness’ of the outfit (it looks like a cold day). I also like the tailoring of her coat.
    Not sure what to make of Freddie’s large checks. 🙂

  13. As part of an outfit I love Queen Mathilde’s hat, but I agree with you HQ, that the bow is less than it could be. As a stand alone hat, CP Mary’s hat is better because of the pretty trim. I wonder if it was made to go with her jewelry? While the hat goes great with her green coat; on my screen the other accessories seem too yellow to coordinate with this pinkish hat.

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