This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Back on January 15, the Imperial Crown Prince and Princess celebrated anniversaries of the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center and National Institution for Youth Education. Princess Masako looked smart in a repeated a pale beige hat with rolled crown and simple ribbon trim around the base of the crown (Sankei)

Crown Princess Masako, January 15, 2016 | Royal Hats

Princess Anne in a cozy fur cap on her visit to the Falkland Islands (British Monarchy)

Princess Madeleine shared some wonderful snaps of her family’s vacation in the Maldives (Princess Madeleine Facebook)

A textile curator from Het Loo Palace shared these wonderful photos of several vintage hats worn by Queen Juliana


Royal Hats

Lovely new photographs of Princess Ingrid released for her 12th birthday (Royal House of Norway)

And finally, an Interview with Peter Phillips about festivities around his granny’s upcoming 90th birthday party (ITV)

Photo from Sankei

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  1. I liked Princess Masako’s simple beige hat and outfit. It’s a good shade of beige, and beige can really wash people out sometimes. It’s always refreshing to see her in action. The Princess Royal looks well in the Falklands, though I’m not a fan of furry hats. Princess Madeleine looks good and her baby is a bundle of cuteness. Queen Juliana’s blue hats are great. I liked how she tended to wear more variety of hat styles than Queen/Princess Beatrix has done. Princess Ingrid Alexandra looks good and how times flies! Happy 12th Birthday! I was surprised to see she has brown eyes. She is a very pretty girl. I enjoyed the interview with Peter Phillips. he is very down to earth, like his mum and sister Zara.

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