Day Two of Japanese Imperial Visit to Philippines

The Imperial royal couple continued their visit to Philippines today, visiting the Tomb of the Fallen Soldiers, laying a wreath at the monument to Philippine national hero Jose Rizal and receiving a ymbolic key of Manila from Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. For these events, Empress Michiko looked characteristically serene in a large white saucer hat with domed crown and wide rim, decorated with exquisite gray-green silk flowers and leaves. It’s a beautifully delicate piece (even while being one of the Empress’ larger hats) that Michiko wears so very well.

Designer: Likely Akio Hirata
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Day Two of Japanese Imperial Visit to Philippines

  1. The Empress is a beautiful woman, and the hats and clothes she wears are just right for her. This ensemble is exquisite.. I think the flowers and form of her hat are the prettiest she’s worn.

  2. Exquisite. I really enjoy this revered lady. For me in this instance the stockings because of their sheerness work here balancing with the shoe color to present a comprehensive look. And my favorite hat of hers by far. Thank you HQ.

  3. Maybe you are right. At least it is a sheer black stockings and not opaque black. Maybe nude heels and stockings would have been too youngish looking for the Empress.

  4. To me, the Empress is always so elegantly dressed in comparison to the other Imperial princesses. The other Imperial members always seem to be dressed in a uniform fashion from their hats to their shoes. Don’t know if this is tradition, and I apologize if I have spoken out of turn. Empress Michiko looked stunning walking along with her husband.

  5. I’ve been waiting for the return of one of her larger saucers, and I got my wish! This whole ensemble is absolutely beautiful with all of the coordinating grey and white. The floral trim on this hat is just perfect, and I think even the charcoal stockings help bring everything together in a way I wouldn’t have thought they would (although, I think only someone like Michiko could do this). Brava!

  6. I am totally in love with the Empress’s outfit! Even the insides of her sleeves are in that grey green colour and check out her pearl brooch in the same coordinating colours

    • I noticed the inside of the sleeves too. They’re beautiful. I wonder whether the sleeves always are lined in contrasting fabric. The Empress’s outfits do tend follow specific guidelines. (It’s hard to see inside the sleeves on many of her outfits!)

  7. I love this hat and outfit. Gets my 3 >3 rating. I was raving about it to myself and then I got down to the stockings? Black? I know it is winter in the northern hemisphere. But the Phillipines is right next to the equator. They never have winter. Has she been talking with Queen Maxima lately? Anyway, besides that minor nitpick of mine she looked perfect. (I mean no disrespect to the empress.)

    • Of two minds about the stockings and shoes myself. I don’t think it was a seasonal choice! 🙂 Trying to imagine light- or neutral-colored shoes and stockings with this supremely elegant ensemble. It would have been awfully monotone.. But as you say, it’s nit-picking: the hat and the suit are so beautifully made, of such beautifully assembled colors, and so perfectly suited to the empress that the whole confection is beyond blame.

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