Inventory: Duchess of Cornwall’s Blue Hats

We might not immediately think of the Duchess of Cornwall as a hat wearer of diverse styles but looking through the numerous hats she has worn in all shades of blue, you may be surprised. Here they are, in the order in which they were introduced:

1.2005-07-10  2.Embed from Getty Images  3.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: all are Philip Treacy
Introduced: July 10, 2005; October 23, 2005; December 25, 2005; 

4.Embed from Getty Images  5.Embed from Getty Images  6.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: all are Philip Treacy
Introduced:  March 13, 2006, June 17, 2007; October 12, 2007

7.Embed from Getty Images  8.Embed from Getty Images  9.2008-05-17 Peter Phillips wedding
Designer: all are Philip Treacy
Introduced:  December 10, 2007; April 28, 2008; May 17, 2008

10.Embed from Getty Images 11.Embed from Getty Images 12.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: all are Philip Treacy
Introduced:  June 18, 2008; December 25, 2008; December 1, 2009

13.Embed from Getty Images 14.Embed from Getty Images 15.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Lock & Co; Philip Treacy; Philip Treacy
Introduced: May 10, 2011; March 20, 2012; May 21, 2012

16.Embed from Getty Images 17.Embed from Getty Images 18.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: all are Philip Treacy
Introduced: June 4, 2013; May 19, 2014; June 18, 2014

19.2015-05-12 BP Garden Party 20.
Designer: both are  Philip Treacy
Introduced: May 12, 2015; July 5, 2015

UPDATE: Camilla has added the following blue hats since this post was published: 

21.  22.  23.
Designer: all are Philip Treacy
Introduced: October 23, 2018; 
 June 19, 2019; Jun 15, 2021

That is an astounding twenty blue hats worn in nearly eleven years of royal life! I suppose with her blonde hair and blue eyes, it’s no surprise that Camilla has turned to blue as a go-to colour. I suspect the first six hats have all been retired (possibly along with #7, #9 and #12) but that leaves eleven hats still in use. I adore the colour of #14 (with updated non-sausage trim it would be a knockout) and the exquisite trim on #18; while I would like to see #3 again, I’m happy to that #2, with its Star Trek vibe, is no longer in service.

There are numerous hats for us to talk about here, dearest readers, and I can’t wait for you to weigh in.

Photos from Daniel BerehulakAnwar Hussein, John StillwellMark Cuthbert, Chris Jackson, Max Mumby/Indigo, Max Mumby/Indigo and Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty

22 thoughts on “Inventory: Duchess of Cornwall’s Blue Hats

  1. Twenty hats and only one utter failure, which is number 11. Camilla is fond of big, statement pieces in jewelry and hats, and she really rocks them! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite here, because I love most of them, and really like the rest (except for 11). I think I love 14 the most on her. No, maybe 17. No, I’ll go with 14. 🙂

  2. I really really really dislike the leafy headpiece that is number 7, but I really really really like the hat worn to Princess Charlotte’s christening- the soft blue was a somewhat unexpected choice and the hat lovely and soft and feminine, with that gorgeous big bloom. I loved it then and I love it now. Some hats/outfits will always be associated with a particular and/or memorable event, so the joy can sometimes be duplicated because of that fact alone on subsequent wearings. I hope to see this lovely hat again. Thanks.

  3. While not all pictures are the best photos of the hats, #1, 3, 4, 5, 10,12, 14 (great style, even the trim’s shape (love the color!) which balances the hat nicely), 15, 16, 17 (I love the color of this hat and outfit! The feather is perfect with the plaid in the jacket. I’d love to see this hat in many different your British red, worn with matching red suit that has a shorter, fitted jacket that has a modified peplum of some sort, and fitted skirt. I think the Duchess wears a beret this size and form well–we are just not used to seeing her in one. #18, 20 …and the last that looks more green (again the style) are stunning hats that I think only the Duchess could wear. They are so flattering on her, making the best of her looks…I’d like see all of these again!

  4. Wow! What a large collection for us to critique. 🙂 Camilla can really rock a large hat! I think she looks fabulous in the large hats and should stay away from the small hats. I would love to see 3, 4, 5, and 10 again without the large flowers. I think their shapes are good on the Duchess still. Save #15 and #18 for Ascot and I will be happy. I even like the navy furr ball (#12). I would rather a navy furr ball than a black one. The flowery #7 did not do it for me. I like a brim and crown in the hat for this lady!

  5. Probably my favorite collection thus far! Where do I begin with all of these?!

    #1 is something out of the Edwardian era, and I’m glad it went away because all of those feathers were just too much and did not make for a flattering hat. #2 definitely could be flattering on someone else, but it’s not with Camilla’s hairstyle. #3 should make a comeback, gigantic cabbage flower trim and all!

    #4-6 are more or less the same and nothing to shout about. Typical Treacy designs that look good on Camilla, but I’m not sad they aren’t around anymore.

    #7 vies with #1 for my least favorite of her blue hats; the trim is not great on this one. #8 should return, while I’m neutral about #9.

    #10 is alright, but I never did like the angle of the crown, and it was often repeated in the late 2000s. I’m of the same opinion about #11 as I am about #8. #12 is fine, but I’ve never been a big fan of the bearskin style hats.

    #13, like #8 and #11, should return, while I’ve only ever liked the brim shape of #14; the crown is too flat on this one in my opinion, while the trim/hatband was not a good choice. #17 is another one I’m neutral about.

    #15-20 (minus #17), should stay in rotation forever! These are Camilla’s most flattering hats, and I don’t want them to disappear! (unless it’s into my hands to keep haha).

    • I’ll argue that the first hat is a cream hat with a navy band around the crown (which is why it is included in this inventory of Camilla’s cream hats). In looking at a number of photos of the second hat, it usually appears quite green so I’m saving it for the green inventory!

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images

  6. I am giving hat 20 the win! It’s proportions and colour are good and it’s not enormous. The next best is the hat at photo 4. It’s a good colour and the proportions are not too big. The next best is the hat at photo 15, which is more like a normal sized hat and the semi-transparent brim is interesting. The next best is the hat at photo 18, which is very large and dramatic, and with an interesting statement trim. I also like 13, because we seldom see the Duchess in smaller hats, and I like the bow trim on here. I am not too keen on the rest of these hats. The hat I like least is the hat at photo 2, which is just a pointy cap.

  7. I love the Duchess of Cornwall’s gigantic hats, but I admit it’s somewhat disconcerting to see so many gigantic hats all at once! The Duchess stands out in a crowd because of her hats — when those around her are wearing smaller hats, that is. If everyone were to wear hats of this size all at once, I fear it it would look like a clown convention.
    I’ve never liked that feather on hat #17, and I’d like to see the package bow dropped from hat #3.
    The Duchess’s hairstyle, whether dated or not, fits perfectly with all the hats, including with the only non-Philip Treacy hat,, #13, which I like too. The Duchess of Cornwall looks good in hats!

  8. It is interesting that she never seems to wear anything by any other designer. Philip Treacy does wonderful hats for her but it would be fun to see someone else having a go!

  9. Thank you, Duchess Camilla, for bringing the big hat style so often! She looks so much better in a large hat! The smaller ones seem off somehow. I might quibble with some of the over-sized floral decorations, but mostly I love the big hats. They suit her!

  10. What variety! Camilla wears her hats with such verve. I do agree with Buffy, that despite the wonderful large brimmed hats, #17 is my favorite.

  11. I love Camilla’s hat style. She’s fearless and for a woman d’une certaine age, I think that’s to be applauded! I love her big picture hats, with her hairdo they suit her brilliantly. I don’t think there’s any of these I really don’t like (yes, even the ‘bearskin’!)

  12. In the first grouping the embellishments seem a bit off proportionately for the hat, much too big. Though I’d love to see #3 again with the trim um… trimmed. #12 is the worst. I know Cam loves her big hats and I love her in them, but #17 just makes me happy. Cam should throw that silhouette into the mix more often!

  13. I am a big Camilla fan, but not a fan of her giant hats. With her rather dated hairstyle, I much prefer a smaller neater hat, such as 13 or 14.

  14. Yes, I hope the duchess encores #14, a lovely piece, without sausage, or, as appears to me, boa constrictor, trim. Not every hat is a winner, but the duchess is a valiant hat-wearer!

  15. I like all of them (although#2 is my least favourite) I really like the fact that they are HATS! Not fascinators or bits of fluff!

    Camilla wears them with such style.

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