Queen Visits Norfolk Hospice

Queen Elizabeth visited The Norfolk Hospice at Hillington near her Sandringham estate this morning to meet with patients, trustees, volunteers and medical professionals of the hospice which which has been serving its local community for over 30 years. For this event, she repeated her vibrant blue hat with upturned straw brim, silk crepe covered crown and velvet flower trim. The photos today show the how closely the the velvet flowers on the hat relate to the print of her silk dress, a connection lost to me until now. It’s this kind of design detail that pulls an ensemble harmoniously together and while I’m still not sure of the chevron button closure on her coat, the hat remains a real winner for me.

Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: October 15, 2015October 30, 2014;  November 8, 2013December 25, 2012
Photos from Getty as indicated

20 thoughts on “Queen Visits Norfolk Hospice

  1. This is a colossal hat for the Queen. I just wish she had chosen a coat with a better cut and without all that saw-toothing down the front.

  2. I have always liked this hat. The colour, proportion and trim are just right. I am unimpressed by the collarless coat, with its saw-tooth pattern.

  3. I do appreciate this vibrant blue hat with with its very flattering upturned straw brim, silk crepe covered crown and velvet flower trim, but I don’t see why it is paired with a coat with zig-zags down the front.

  4. Like everyone else (I think) this is an outfit I wholeheartedly approve of! The way the hat echoes the clothes is something that the Queen does often, and this is one of the most successful pairings.

  5. She looks like she’s had a good rest. This hat could do with a rest in my eyes. I just don’t get how her wardrobe is rotated; some stunners get pulled out once or twice, whereas others (peach fuzz, the big blue one with the bow, the one from william’s christening) get repeated often and close together. My OCD wants to go in and regulate the rotation, setting minimum repeat timescales on tongs and pulling some of these lesser seen stunners back to the front.

    But then maybe I need to chill, and figure that HM probably just has favourite items of cooing, as we all do, and likes to wear them!

    • You are on the case JamesB. I think that the hat’s shape and color are perfect on the Queen but it’s too soon for a repeat.

  6. The flowers on the hat do mimic the pattern of the dress perfectly. The last picture makes it look as though the inside of the brim was made to match the color of the dress rather than of the coat. A lot of detailed preparation goes into the Queen’s outfits!
    Today is actually the most attractively photographed wearing of this outfit. In the past the neckline of the coat has been skewed, and the then off-center neck coupled with the zig-zagging button closures was too much dissonance. With a centered neck opening on the coat today, the coat stands out. The hat, though, is the best part of this outfit.

    • Thank you for pointing out the detail on the brim of the hat. I had to scroll back up and have another look. That along with the flowers pulls the whole outfit together.This gets my 3 ❤ award!

  7. Jimbo, let me speak for most of us who call Her Majesty Our Queen, and say we do love and appreciate her duty and service to us. Even if my Prime Minister “made her feel old”, it was done with love and respect. As for this ensemble, I love the colour on her and I love the way this brooch coordinates with the hat and dress. Simply lovely.

  8. She looks beautiful, happy, and engaging. How can anyone not wish she were their queen too? This color is lovely on her and I like the coat and hat both. The hat especially suits her. It is just right. Not too big, not too small, just perfect. She is a true lady and a real inspiration. She has more energy than people half her age.

  9. Always a favorite ensemble of mine, even the zig zag coat! Her energy and engaging smile are truly remarkable and inspirational. I know I sound like a broken record, but I am so envious of all the great nations that call her their own! HM is a textbook example of service and loyalty, in an ego-centric age of self-gratification and self-importance. Any thoughts? So endeth my sermon. Amen.
    HQ: Take a day off!

  10. Queen Elizabeth looks radiant! A nice combination of coat and hat. I love the buttonhole points on her coat to add interest. It breaks up what could have been a wall of blue.
    Her hat is jolly with the flowers, yet sophisticated with that one jaunty, up-turned side. It has a feeling of lightness and movement. It makes me smile.

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