This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Máxima wore a new pillbox covered in brown feathers last weekend to a meeting in Delft about sustainable energy (Royal House of the Netherlands). I missed this in our January new hat finals so if you like this piece, leave a comment and I’ll include it in our February poll.

Queen Elizabeth wore a hat to church last Sunday that has not been seen out since 2007 (see its last outing here). Princess Anne joined her parents for Sunday service in a floppy velvet and tweed hat we’ve seen before as well. (Daily Mail)

One of milliner Stephen Jones’ sketches has been turned into a lovely limited-edition brooch for Brain Tumour Research and Wear A Hat Day (Stephen Jones)

Holyrood House is set to open a landmark exhibition this spring of more than 150 of Queen Elizabeth’s gowns, dresses, coats and hats (Daily Mail). I dearly hope that one of our Edingburgh readers will visit and share their experience with us!

Royal Hats

Happy news from Bhutan’s King and Queen who welcomed a prince yesterday (King Jigme’s Facebook)

Interesting Danish documentary on Queen Margrethe’s art and design (

Interview with Princess Marie on the occasion of her 40th birthday (Crown Chronicles)

The Imeperial couple looking even more adorable than usual on vacation (Imperial Family of Japan blog)

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. It was most entertaining reading this. I am intrigued by Queen Máxima’s pillbox covered in brown feathers and I hope we can find more photos of it. It warrants inclusion in the next poll.

  2. I don’t know if I like Queen Maxima’s feathered pillbox or not, and I would like to see more photos from other angles before I decide. I would like to see it included in a poll mainly to see what other readers think of it.

  3. I enjoyed This Week’s Extras HatQueen. I really liked the brown pillbox hat worn by Queen Máxima and I think it is poll worthy. Milliner Stephen Jones’ brooch design was generous, and I wish more Royals would wear his lovely hats. The Holyrood House display of the Queen’s fashions sounds good, and I hope they put the photos online. Congratulations to the King and Queen of Bhutan on the safe delivery of their son. The Danish doco was good. Queen Margrethe is a very talented designer, which I was unaware of. Princess Marie’s interview was good and she obviously put a lot of thought into the difficulties of Royal life. The Imperial couple are so cute and they always remind me of the close relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Long may they live!

    Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

  4. Thank you for including QM’s pillbox. I like it and vote for inclusion in the next vote. Hope we will see another outing (hence, better pictures but you have placed the best I have seen so far!)

  5. Your This Week’s Extras column is a great idea HatQueen and thank you very much for delivering this. As I am a busy worker and mother, I don’t often get time to comment, so I love your polls. Queen Máxima’s new pillbox covered in brown feathers was a most unusual hat, and I do think it deserves inclusion in the next poll. I’ll vote for it.

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