Duchess of Cambridge Celebrates RAF Cadets

The Duchess of Cambridge attended the 75th anniversary of the RAF Air Cadets yesterday, held at St. Clement Danes Church in London. For this occasion, she topped her sky blue McQueen coat dress with a navy felt percher hat (the same one worn to a private memorial service last March). Trimmed with large leaves placed on the back, the hat follows a modified saucer shape from front view.

I like the leaf trim at the back but don’t find the hat particularly memorable from the front. This quibble aside, I think Kate wears this simple hat well and it worked wonderfully with her blue coat (fitting in beautifully amidst a sea of uniforms) for this event.

Designer: Lock and Co. 
Previously Worn: March 26, 2015 (private event)
While this hat is technically a repeat, this event was its first outing to a public event so we’re going to consider it a new hat this month (jump over here to see it included in our inventory of Kate’s blue hats).That leaves just one question- what do you, dearest readers, think about this piece?
Photos from Getty as indicated

21 thoughts on “Duchess of Cambridge Celebrates RAF Cadets

  1. I think this is a perfectly suitable ensemble for the occasion, if not very memorable. The one thing that would have improved it (I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to say!) is that the hat would look so much better for this if Kate’s hair were up, or at least half-up. It would be more flattering and also, given the simplicity of the outfit, more in keeping.

  2. The hat is most attractive in the third picture, from the side and showing the leaf, but somewhat dull from the front. The hat, shoes, purse and gloves go with each other since they’re all navy blue, and they are a good complement to the dress. A satisfactory outfit, this isn’t particularly interesting.

  3. I think it’s time for a wardrobe make-over for Kate — she is terribly predictable – she went from her love of facinators to perchers – it’s time for her to grow up and wear more proper hats, While I like her coats, they also are terribly predictable. I’m also ready for her to ‘grow up’ and wear her hair up or be ‘radical’ and cut it short!

    • You mean grow up and wear something less fashionable? I think it’s time we look at a few new millinery collections because you’ll see how designers are designing primarily perchers these days! They really are the height of millinery fashion.

  4. I think this is a perfect hat choice for this occasion. Nothing large or swoopy (not that the Duchess goes in for those!), but a fairly plain and businesslike hat, just shy of looking like a uniform topper. An excellent choice!

  5. I don’t love it either. The contrast between the stark military coat and the hat with its leaves doesn’t do it for me. This coat needs something very plain to be in keeping with it, I just don’t feel this hat is it…

  6. So much about wearing a hat is about the hair! A half up do would have been better IMO. It would have shown off the hat and her face better. Kate does look very good in these forward tilted hats.

  7. Love the leaves and the fit. Unlike others, perhaps the contrast between the two blues is rather sharp. Is she wearing extensions, as wasn’t there a serious hair cut priorly?

  8. I think it was an excellent choice for the occasion. She could not wear anything flowery or fluffy to this military event.. I think this whole outfit perfectly fit the bill.

  9. I did not feel the hat was noteworthy until I saw the above pictures from the side and from the back. I did like it better from the side view and back view, but since you mainly see a hat from the front it is not a favorite of mine.

  10. I think the hat looks a bit too much like an actual saucer for my taste. The pockets of the coat look like a Lab coat. This is not one of her most successful outings.

  11. I really like the color contrast of the dark navy of the hat and the powder blue of the outfit. That said, I find this to be a rather standard hat for Kate, so it doesn’t stand out to me otherwise.

  12. I think this look was just right for the occasion, and I do love Kate in blue. My only quibble (and I realize this is beating a dead horse) is the hairstyle/hat combination. Doesn’t have to be a full updo, but one of her “half up half down” dos would be much more polished.

  13. I like this hat very much. It may be my favorite of her blue hats. I agree with Alex. I like the angle the hat is worn. What are the rules (or guidelines) for wearing hair up with hats, if there are any? Thank you HQ.

  14. I quite like the hat and it goes with the light blue coat. I don’t like the huge coat pockets. I like the angle the hat is placed at.

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