Queen On Post Church Walkabout

After attending church yesterday at the Church of St Peter & St Paul in West Newton near their Sandingham Estate, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh took part in a ‘walkabout’, meeting members of the public gathered to greet them. The Queen wore a repeated vibrant red coat, paired with a new hat. The modified cloche, covered in the same red wool crepe as Her Majesty’s coat, featured a tall, squared crown, and short, downward facing brim. Finished off with black and red bands around the base of the crown, black side bow loops and two curling red feathers, the high contrast hat coordinates well with the black and red print of the Queen’s dress. While my verdict is out on the shape, the trim is tightly executed (no feather explosions here) and the hat is all the better for it.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I suspect Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Later this week, I’ll contrast this hat with the design previously worn with this coat. In the meantime, what do you think of the Queen’s new hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated

23 thoughts on “Queen On Post Church Walkabout

  1. Something about the crown-to-brim ratio seems a bit off, and it looks to sit a bit farther back on HM’s head than I would’ve thought, but these are minor complaints. The crimson is a superb color for HM, and the trim very appropriate. Like @JamesB, I’m having trouble remembering which other hat went with the jacket, so awaiting the comparison post.

    It’s also rare we get such a good look at her faithful lady-in-waiting’s hat, which I find very interesting with the apparent twists of (faux?) fur around the crown; I like this hat, but the black seems to be a bit at odds with her camel skirt (but not seeing the full outfit, it’s hard to pass judgment on color mixing).

    Overall, a great showing!

  2. I think the Queen looks great in red and I do have an issue with these tall crowns with short brims that she often wears. I do like the trim here.

  3. This isn’t one of my favorite hats, but since I know what the previous red hat is that was worn with this outfit, I must state that I find this hat vastly more flattering to the Queen’s head and face than its predecessor. The only item that I dislike on this new hat is the black blob. The black and red trim is good, and the red feather is fine.
    This is the second new hat of the Christmas break, both replacements. And the very old tan hat with fur trim worn last week to church means that someone’s really be rummaging through the Queen’s closets. Keep it up!

      • I just realized I forgot to include mention of this hat (and one worn by Princess Anne to the same Sunday Service) in the extras post on Saturday. I just updated it (see it here)- my apologies to you all for this omission.

      • Thank you for the late inclusion. I realize that there are copyright problems for pictures that don’t circulate on Getty or Zimbio or certain sites. Don’t they realize how important QE2’s hats are to some of us? One would think that all sites should publish these pictures for us!

  4. The colors are lovely and HM looks delightful overall. Insofar as the hat, I’m not quite sure why I am not 100% for it. The crown is good. Perhaps the brim could be a bit wider. I think this is it. I am not a fan of the extra band, the red one, on top of the black one. Kudos on the trim. It’s not over the top and adds a bit of whimsy. Hooray!

  5. I think the hat is too tall and does not balance with the small brim but red does suit her. I think it’s a long time since the Queen did a walkabout after church.

  6. TWO new red hats in such a short period of time! I like this one better than the Christmas hat, but it could be a tad shorter.
    Red and black are wonderful together.

  7. HM looks wonderful here — as does the hat. A vast improvement over the millinery atrocity that previously went with this coat.

  8. I rather like his new titfer. Red really suits her. I recognised the coat as an old one but cannot for the life of me place what it was worm with, so I look forward to your this or that feature!

    • Yes, judging by the comments so far we are in for a treat!! Haha. Re today’s hat- LOVE IT!! Because I am a linear/textural kinda girl, as opposed to fruefrue, I really like the red band over the black and the warmth of the fabric. And the colour…..that red is fabulous.

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