Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Return to Anglesey

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned to Anglesey, Wales today to take part in ceremonies marking the end of RAF Search and Rescue (SAR) Force operations. For this visit to RAF Valley, where William was previously stationed and the couple spent the first two years of their married life, Kate repeated her chocolate bumper hat with side bow trim. We’ve seen this piece on her several times before and I thought it’s pairing today with her vibrant red coat worked well, giving some lift to the slightly stodgy hat.

Designer: Silvia Fletcher for Lock & Co. This is the “Betty Boop” style. Coat by LK Bennett.
Previously Worn: March 17, 2015; December 25, 2014; March 15, 2013; March 2, 2013; March 17, 2012
Kate has worn this hat with numerous other outfits (I’ll do a comparison post soon!) but I think this pairing is among the best and fit so well with this occasion. What do you think of this ensemble today?
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17 thoughts on “Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Return to Anglesey

  1. I think red can work with chocolate, but its probably not the best pairing. The hat placement seems too far down onto her forehead.

  2. I like the coat and I like the hat, I like them together, but I think it’s the hat placement that is bothering me. Angled might look better, and I wonder about wearing it with the bow in the back. She has worn it on the side in all the previous pix, and maybe it must be worn that way, but… just speculating.

  3. I actually rather like the hat, it isn’t very exciting, but it is quite neat and quietly elegant. However, this placement is too straight to make the best of it. On most of the previous occasions, Kate has worn it lower at the front but more angled to her right, and it’s the angle that really lifts it. This look yesterday is indeed rather stodgy.

  4. Like many other comments that have been made, I’m not a fan of the coat and hat combination. In fact, I’m not a fan of the coat at all. I also agree that the hat is worn too far forward in comparison to the other photos where the hat appears to be set at a definite angle. At least this hat keeps her hair out of her face.

  5. Kate and I were on the same wavelength today as we both wore red outfits and brown hats haha. I do like this color combo and how she styled her hair, but this has never been my favorite hat of hers. I agree with others the placement on her head is not as good as it has been in the past, but overall I still call this outing a win.

  6. I have never been a fan of bumper hats, and this one does little to sell them to me. The chocolate hue is too similar to her hair shade. The hat is sitting too far down on her forehead. The red military-style coat was a good choice for this event, but the high neckline seems to be at odds with a bumper sitting so far down on her forehead.

  7. Other commentators on many “Kate blogs” have been quite positive about this pairing today….but I am not that keen to be honest and I think the reason is the hat!! And what better place to talk about Royals and hats!! I have to declare my so so attitude to this particular hat in the first place, but, there is something wrong with the placement today in particular- in the Daily Mail article there are some rather unflattering front on photos. But….I really like the red coat and I love the fact that The Duchess of Cambridge (and many other Royals) recycle/reinvent their ensembles, not only because it is imperative/prudent for them to do so, but because it makes for such interesting viewing for the rest of us. Hence I am looking forward to the upcoming comparison post with great anticipation!! Many thanks.
    P.S. I like the use of the description slightly stodgy HQ, I concur.

  8. The Duchess seems fond of this look – a long fairly straight single-coloured coat with a small neat hat. Recently we saw another version of it with her blue coat and black hat. It’s a look that says – to me anyway – that she would like to be taken seriously. It gets the job done without too much fanfare. I respect that, but oh how I enjoy the more interesting outfits and hats when they do appear!

  9. I’m all a bit meh about this. It’s good to see her getting good use from her wardrobe, which I applaud, but this combo’s not doing it for me. Like others I think the hat might be too far forward and there lots going on with the coat neckline and epaulettes.

  10. The coat is better than last time for me, but I don’t like the hat & coat pairing at all. Like Gransgirl said, it’s probably too far forward and the fact that the coat has a high collar makes it not good.

  11. I am so sorry but it does NOT do it for me the colour combie is fine but the hat is too much percher the top of her head ; it really needs more off an angle!!

  12. I think Kate’s hat was the perfect fit for the military styling of her coat. On previous occasions, it seems the hat may have been worn at a bit more of an angle, which I like even more, but she looked perfectly put together for the occasion.

  13. I’m not that fond of this hat shape on the Duchess of Cambridge, and the placement is too far forward for a bumper. I do like the chocolate color paired with the red coat, and the color and cut of the coat look great on her. It is also nice to see her hair neatly styled.

  14. Love this color combo, and I think this look was spot-on for a military engagement. Something seems slightly off about the placement, however, and I can’t quite identify why. Too far forward, perhaps?

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