Inventory: Duchess of Cornwall’s Red Hats

Continuing our look at red royal hat wardrobe inventories, we move today to the millinery closet of the Duchess of Cornwall. This will be an extremely short tour as Camilla has just one red hat:


Designer: unconfirmed. Likely Philip Treacy
Introduced: April 10, 2005

UPDATE- A second hat in raspberry wool with black faux fur cuff brim was added on Christmas Day 2017

2. Dec 25, 2017 in Lock & Co | Royal Hats

Designer: Lock & Co.
Introduced: Dec 25, 2017  

This piece is a simple one that shows how great Camilla looks in red, although I can see how one of her go-to picture hats in this shade might be a bit much. She also wore an interesting red headpiece for Prince William’s African themed birthday party in 2003 before she joined the family but I doubt we’ll see that piece in public again. What do you think- yes or no to more red hats for the Duchess’ wardrobe?

Photo from Mark Cuthbert via Getty;  Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock 

18 thoughts on “Inventory: Duchess of Cornwall’s Red Hats

  1. I love this jaunty red hat on the Duchess. She looks so vibrant and a bit younger too! I must say though, I think it should be worn only with the various plaid suits, coats, etc. A bit of plaid or whole outfit, it’s the perfect hat….and with a feather or two!

  2. This is a splendid red hat, and I would like to see her do more red, because it looks good against blonde hair, and I even wish she would vary her hats more, instead of just wearing the huge architectural hats most of the time, which I like, but I still want to see some variety.

  3. I like this red hat and I’d like to own it myself. I wish she would wear more red hats. I love the exotic red headpiece she wore in the photo at the link, and I hope that we’ll see it again, perhaps if she has a tour in Africa?

  4. Like red on her hair color but red is not one of her better shades for her skin tone. Probably why we don’t see her in red a lot.

  5. I love Camilla in red! It’s so lovely! She definitely needs more red hats. It looks fabulous on her!

    I hope you do red wardrobe inventories for Queen Máxima, Queen Mathilde, the Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie Wessex!

  6. She needs more colorful hats in her wardrobe period, especially in the summer. This bright red would be great for an Ascot hat, and burgundy and dark crimson would be wonderful on her too anytime. Hopefully she’ll experiment some more with vivid colors and do less of the pastels and neutrals she favors.

    • Agreed The Duchess has so many beige/tan/offwhite hats. Just because she favors huge hats, which certainly stand out, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t go beyond colorless, muted pastel or black hats and shouldn’t stand out even more.

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