Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1965 and a blooming turban worn by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, on a trip back from Jamaica. We’ve seen many millinery styles come back in (and out of!) fashion over the ensuing 51 years- all, perhaps, except this one.

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, February 26, 1965 | Royal Hats

Arriving back in London from a trip to Jamaica, February 26, 1965

Photo from New York Daily News Archive via Getty

19 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. The Queen Mother was someone that I greatly respected, and in part because she did her own thing and wasn’t a slave to fashion. She could pull off some big and unusual hats that others can’t. RIP to a great Queen. She looked good in this floral turban but it’s a hat few people could wear.

  2. It seems I spoke to soon…. this afternoon I took a peek at Rachel Trevor Morgan’s new line for Spring Summer 2016 and had a good chuckle when I saw this design in the collection!

  3. I never liked the turban style. Even the ’25 Bells’ — which at least is interesting. Just not a style that ever appealed to me. If you want something that really covers your head, try a cloche.

  4. Like many of her hats, she wore these floral headdresses a lot longer than they were fashionable. I always thought when photos of the QM hit the US press, that she was very outdated to what our fashions were at the time.

  5. I like most hats the Queen Mom wore over the years. Certainly nicer than the stiff severe looking hats we see the British royals wearing today.

  6. Sorry, I can’t “wrap my head around” this one. It reminds me of . . .
    a) a swimming cap
    b) the plastic covering of a 60s vintage hair dryer that my mother used
    c) a shower cap

    HQ: When will you publish a coffee table book, chalk-full of these delightful British Royal photos? What fun it is, looking back 50 years!

  7. Some hats are best left in the past. Saying that, the Queen Mother looks rather sweet. I am not sure anyone else would, although didn’t you recently show something along these lines recently on Her Majesty on another flashback?

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